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Bernie Robbins Jewelers Owners Pass the Torch to Loyal Employees in Historic Transition

by Madonna

After more than six decades in the luxury jewelry business, Harvey and Maddy Rovinsky, the proprietors of Bernie Robbins Jewelers, have decided to forgo selling their family business and instead entrust its future to their dedicated employees.

Founded in 1962 and boasting locations in Philadelphia and New Jersey, Bernie Robbins Jewelers has evolved from selling appliances to offering an exquisite selection of the world’s most prestigious timepieces, diamonds, and universally celebrated designer collections.


The decision to transition ownership stems from the Rovinskys’ desire for a seamless succession plan, considering their absence of family in the business and the need to secure the legacy of Bernie Robbins. Harvey Rovinsky expressed the importance of keeping the business thriving and maintaining employment for their long-term, dedicated staff members.


Having explored potential buyers for the business, the Rovinskys found none deemed qualified to continue the legacy of Bernie Robbins. Fueled by a commitment to preserving the founder’s vision, the couple opted to pass the torch to their loyal and passionate employees.


The future owners, described by Rovinsky as individuals who genuinely love the business, are expected to carry forward the legacy successfully. These individuals have been an integral part of Bernie Robbins Jewelers for years and, according to Rovinsky, possess a deep understanding of the business culture and a genuine dedication to its continued success.

Harvey Rovinsky, at 76 years old and with 57 years of experience at Bernie Robbins, acknowledges the invaluable lessons learned during his tenure, particularly navigating financial challenges such as the recession of 2008-2010. He emphasizes the importance of adapting to economic downturns and the resilience needed to overcome such obstacles.

Reflecting on the decision to entrust the business to current employees, Rovinsky emphasizes their familiarity with the company’s culture and their proven ability to run the business successfully. The transition is not motivated by financial considerations, and Rovinsky expresses confidence in the continuity of Bernie Robbins Jewelers under the leadership of those who understand its ethos.

As the transition takes shape, Harvey Rovinsky is slated to continue his role as CEO, having been asked by the future owners to stay on. He humorously notes his readiness to continue until he “annoys them enough and they fire” him.

The official transition of ownership is scheduled for the first quarter of 2024, marking a historic moment for Bernie Robbins Jewelers. To commemorate this transition, the jewelry retailer is currently holding a retirement sale at its locations in Somers Point, New Jersey, and Villanova, Pennsylvania, offering exclusive jewelry and timepieces at significantly discounted prices.

Maddy Rovinsky expressed gratitude to loyal clients for their trust and shared joy in countless engagements, weddings, and special occasions. The Rovinskys consider their journey a testament to creating lasting memories and impacting the lives of numerous individuals over the years.


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