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Love Links by Emily Crafts Lasting Memories with Unique Permanent Jewelry

by Madonna

In the bustling local scene of West Texas, Love Links, owned by Emily Kidd, has emerged as a distinctive presence, crafting custom and permanent jewelry that resonates with the heart of its patrons. Operating through local pop-up markets and private events, Love Links is gaining popularity for its unique approach to jewelry creation.

Emily Kidd’s journey into the world of permanent jewelry began last year when she first encountered this innovative concept. After months of dedicated practice with the tools and techniques required for crafting custom pieces, Love Links officially commenced its creative journey in August. Kidd sources gold-filled and sterling silver chains wholesale, offering customers the opportunity to select their preferred chain and choose the type of jewelry they desire, whether it’s an anklet or a bracelet. The hallmark of Love Links’ creations is the absence of clasps; each piece is meticulously custom-fitted, and a jump ring is expertly welded together, ensuring a seamless and enduring piece of jewelry. Notably, Love Links Permanent Jewelry is not only waterproof but also boasts high-quality chains that resist tarnishing.


Kidd’s introduction to permanent jewelry occurred during a group outing with friends, a moment she recalls fondly. The camaraderie of creating and sharing this unique experience prompted her to delve into the world of crafting meaningful and personalized jewelry.


Love Links has become a sought-after feature at various events, from baby showers to birthday parties and group outings. Last weekend, the host of a baby shower gifted Love Links’ custom bracelets to attendees, underscoring the growing popularity of Kidd’s distinctive creations. Kidd’s presence extends to local pop-up markets, where she actively participates in events like the Modern Pop-up Market at The Tailgate, with upcoming appearances at the Mistletoe Market at Centennial Park and the Parade of Lights Market in Odessa.


As the holiday season approaches, Kidd emphasizes the significance of jewelry, particularly permanent pieces, as thoughtful and memorable gifts. Recalling her own experiences, Kidd notes how the first piece she received holds sentimental value, capturing the essence of a memorable weekend with friends. She highlights the versatility of Love Links’ offerings, making them ideal for group gifts or individual expressions of sentiment.

Discussing the impact of local pop-up markets on small businesses, Kidd recognizes the invaluable exposure, advertising, and connection these events provide. Beyond business, these markets serve as platforms for fostering relationships among local entrepreneurs. Kidd, appreciative of the supportive community, emphasizes the fun and enjoyable nature of the creative process, urging others to embrace the learning curve and relish the journey of crafting unique and lasting memories through jewelry.

For those interested in Love Links’ creations, upcoming events include the Modern Pop-up Market at The Tailgate on Dec. 9, the Mistletoe Market at Centennial Park on Nov. 28, and the Parade of Lights Market in Odessa on Dec. 2. Embrace the joy of unique, permanent jewelry and let Love Links by Emily be a part of your lasting memories.


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