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Can You Wear Black Tourmaline In The Shower?

by Madonna

Black tourmaline is a fascinating and popular gemstone, known for its stunning dark hue and purported protective properties. It’s no wonder that many enthusiasts and casual wearers alike wonder about the practicality of wearing black tourmaline in various situations, including the shower. This article aims to explore the science and considerations behind wearing black tourmaline in the shower, offering insights into its durability, benefits, and potential risks.

Understanding Black Tourmaline: Composition and Properties

Black tourmaline, also known as schorl, is a member of the broader tourmaline family, which comprises a complex group of boron silicate minerals. What sets black tourmaline apart is its rich, opaque black color, attributed to the presence of iron and other trace elements.


Chemical Composition

The general chemical formula for black tourmaline is NaFe^2+_3Al_6(BO_3)_3Si_6O_18(OH)_4. This intricate structure includes elements such as:


Sodium (Na)


Iron (Fe)

Aluminum (Al)

Boron (B)

Silicon (Si)

Oxygen (O)

Hydroxyl (OH)

These elements contribute to the physical and chemical stability of black tourmaline, making it a resilient gemstone.

Physical Properties

Black tourmaline is notable for its:

Hardness: It rates 7-7.5 on the Mohs scale, indicating good scratch resistance.

Density: Its specific gravity ranges from 3.0 to 3.3.

Crystal Structure: It crystallizes in the trigonal system, typically forming elongated, striated crystals.

These properties collectively suggest that black tourmaline is a durable stone, but does this mean it’s safe to wear in the shower?

The Impact of Water on Black Tourmaline

Water exposure is a common concern for gemstone wearers. The potential impact of water on black tourmaline can be examined from two angles: the physical durability of the stone and the integrity of any jewelry settings.

Water Resistance of Black Tourmaline

Given its hardness and chemical composition, black tourmaline is generally water-resistant. It does not dissolve or get significantly damaged by water exposure. However, prolonged or repeated exposure to water, especially chlorinated or hard water, can have some effects.

Surface Integrity: While water itself is not highly reactive with black tourmaline, minerals in tap water, such as calcium and magnesium, can leave residues or deposits on the stone’s surface over time. This can dull its appearance.

Potential Cracks: If black tourmaline has internal fractures or inclusions, water can potentially seep into these tiny spaces, exacerbating existing weaknesses. This is more of a concern for stones with visible imperfections.

Jewelry Settings and Metal Components

When considering whether to wear black tourmaline jewelry in the shower, it’s crucial to also consider the materials used in the setting:

Metal Corrosion: Metals like silver, gold, and especially plated metals can corrode or tarnish with prolonged exposure to water and soap. This is particularly true for silver, which reacts with sulfur in the water, forming a tarnished layer.

Adhesives: Some jewelry pieces use adhesives to secure stones. These adhesives might degrade with water exposure, risking the loss of the gemstone.

Practical Considerations for Showering with Black Tourmaline

While black tourmaline itself is relatively robust, the practical aspects of wearing it in the shower involve both the gemstone and the jewelry as a whole.

Risk of Loss

One practical risk is the potential loss of the jewelry while showering. Wet and soapy hands increase the chance of rings slipping off fingers, or necklaces and bracelets becoming unclasped. It’s prudent to weigh this risk, especially if the piece holds significant monetary or sentimental value.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular cleaning can mitigate some of the effects of showering with black tourmaline:

Mild Soaps: Using mild, non-abrasive soaps can prevent the buildup of residues.

Rinsing and Drying: Thoroughly rinsing the jewelry with clean water after exposure and gently drying with a soft cloth can help maintain its appearance.

Benefits of Wearing Black Tourmaline in the Shower

Despite the potential risks, some people believe in the benefits of wearing black tourmaline continuously, including in the shower.

Energetic Properties

Black tourmaline is often praised for its supposed metaphysical properties:

Protection: It’s believed to protect against negative energies and electromagnetic radiation.

Grounding: Many users feel that it provides grounding energy, promoting a sense of stability and calm.

These properties are why some individuals choose to wear black tourmaline jewelry at all times, including during showers. They believe continuous contact enhances the stone’s benefits.

Mitigating Risks: Best Practices

If you decide to wear black tourmaline in the shower, following some best practices can minimize potential damage:

Choose Quality Jewelry

Opt for jewelry with secure settings and high-quality metals that are less prone to corrosion, such as platinum or high-karat gold.

Regular Inspection

Regularly inspect your black tourmaline jewelry for any signs of damage or wear, such as loose stones or tarnished settings.

Cleaning Routine

Incorporate a gentle cleaning routine. Soak the jewelry in lukewarm water with a bit of mild dish soap, gently scrub with a soft brush, rinse thoroughly, and pat dry.

Remove for Activities

Consider removing your jewelry during activities that expose it to harsh chemicals or high impact, even if you do wear it in the shower. Activities such as swimming in chlorinated pools or engaging in contact sports can be particularly damaging.

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The decision to wear black tourmaline in the shower ultimately comes down to personal preference and weighing the potential risks and benefits. While black tourmaline itself is resilient to water, the overall integrity of the jewelry piece, including its setting and metal components, must be considered.

For those who prioritize the metaphysical benefits of black tourmaline, wearing it continuously, including in the shower, might be worth the minor risks. On the other hand, those who are more concerned about maintaining the pristine appearance of their jewelry might prefer to remove it before showering.

By understanding the properties of black tourmaline and the factors involved in its care, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your personal values and lifestyle. Whether you choose to wear it in the shower or reserve it for dry conditions, black tourmaline remains a captivating and meaningful addition to any jewelry collection.


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