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Can We Wear Scratched Gemstones?

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Gemstones have long captivated human fascination, not only for their stunning beauty but also for their purported energetic and healing properties. Whether worn as jewelry or kept as part of a collection, gemstones often hold significant sentimental and cultural value. However, over time, these precious stones can develop scratches due to wear and tear, raising the question: can we still wear scratched gemstones? In this article, we delve into the implications of wearing scratched gemstones, considering both their aesthetic appeal and energetic qualities.

Understanding Gemstone Hardness and Durability

Before discussing the effects of scratches on gemstones, it’s crucial to understand the concepts of hardness and durability. Gemstone hardness is measured on the Mohs scale, which ranks minerals from 1 (softest) to 10 (hardest). Diamonds, with a Mohs hardness of 10, are among the hardest natural substances, while talc ranks as the softest with a hardness of 1.


Durability, on the other hand, refers to a gemstone’s ability to withstand wear, pressure, and damage over time. While hardness is a contributing factor to durability, other factors such as cleavage, toughness, and stability also play roles in determining a gemstone’s resilience.


The Impact of Scratches on Aesthetic Appeal

Scratches on gemstones can significantly diminish their aesthetic appeal, especially if they occur on prominent surfaces such as faceted or polished areas. These abrasions can create a dull appearance, detracting from the stone’s brilliance and sparkle.


In faceted gemstones like diamonds, scratches can disrupt the passage of light through the stone, leading to diminished fire and brilliance. Similarly, scratches on the surface of cabochon-cut gemstones can distort the play of light and color, affecting their overall visual impact.

Furthermore, scratches may be more pronounced on softer gemstones with lower Mohs hardness ratings. For example, a scratch on a delicate gemstone like turquoise (Mohs hardness of 5 to 6) may be more conspicuous than on a harder stone like sapphire (Mohs hardness of 9).

While minor scratches can often be polished out by a skilled lapidary, extensive scratching may require more intensive treatment, potentially altering the gemstone’s shape or reducing its size. Consequently, the decision to wear scratched gemstones may depend on individual preferences regarding aesthetics and the significance of the piece.

Considering Energetic Properties

Beyond their visual allure, gemstones are believed by many to possess metaphysical properties that influence energy fields and promote holistic well-being. This perspective is rooted in various cultural and spiritual traditions that attribute specific meanings and powers to different gemstones.

According to proponents of crystal healing and metaphysical practices, scratches on gemstones may disrupt their energetic integrity, affecting their ability to channel and transmit energy. It’s suggested that scratches create irregularities in the stone’s surface, which can interfere with the flow of energy through the crystal lattice.

Furthermore, some individuals believe that scratches accumulate negative energy over time, potentially diminishing the gemstone’s positive effects or even amplifying negative energies. In this context, wearing a scratched gemstone could be seen as counterproductive or energetically unfavorable.

However, it’s essential to acknowledge that beliefs regarding the energetic properties of gemstones are subjective and not universally accepted. Skeptics argue that any perceived effects of gemstone energy are purely psychological and not based on empirical evidence. From this perspective, scratches would have no inherent impact on the energetic qualities of a gemstone.

Potential Remedies for Scratched Gemstones

For those who wish to continue wearing scratched gemstones, several remedies may help mitigate the appearance of abrasions and restore some of their aesthetic appeal:

Professional Polishing: A skilled lapidary can often polish out minor scratches, restoring the gemstone’s surface to its former luster. However, this process may involve removing a thin layer of material, so it’s not suitable for all situations, particularly with softer gemstones.

Re-cutting or Re-polishing: In cases of more significant scratching or damage, re-cutting or re-polishing the gemstone may be necessary to eliminate visible imperfections. This approach can be effective but may alter the stone’s size, shape, or proportions.

Setting Alterations: Adjusting the setting of a gemstone, such as changing the prongs or bezel, can help conceal scratches or protect vulnerable areas from further damage. However, this solution may not be feasible for all jewelry designs.

Enhancement Treatments: Certain enhancement techniques, such as filling fractures with resin or applying surface coatings, can mask scratches and improve the gemstone’s appearance. However, these treatments may affect the stone’s transparency and long-term stability.

Regular Maintenance: Practicing proper care and maintenance can help prevent further scratching and preserve the beauty of gemstone jewelry. This includes storing pieces in a soft pouch or jewelry box, avoiding exposure to harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, and periodically cleaning them with a gentle solution and a soft cloth.

Ultimately, the choice to wear scratched gemstones depends on individual preferences and considerations regarding aesthetics, symbolism, and energetic beliefs. While some may opt to repair or replace damaged gemstones to maintain their pristine condition, others may embrace the imperfections as part of the stone’s unique character and history.


Scratches on gemstones can detract from their visual appeal and potentially disrupt their energetic properties, according to metaphysical beliefs. However, remedies such as professional polishing, re-cutting, or setting alterations can help mitigate the appearance of abrasions and restore the stone’s aesthetic integrity.

Whether to wear scratched gemstones ultimately depends on personal preferences and considerations regarding aesthetics, symbolism, and energetic beliefs. While some may choose to repair or replace damaged stones, others may embrace the imperfections as part of the gemstone’s unique story and character. Regardless of the decision, proper care and maintenance are essential for preserving the beauty and longevity of gemstone jewelry.


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