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Why Is Paraíba Tourmaline So Expensive? Factors Behind Price

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In the world of gemstones, few capture the imagination like the Paraíba tourmaline. With its mesmerizing electric blue and green hues, this gemstone has garnered fame and admiration. However, what truly sets Paraíba tourmaline apart is its remarkable price tag. In this article, we explore the captivating world of Paraíba tourmaline and delve into the compelling reasons that make it one of the most expensive gemstones on the market.

Introducing Paraíba Tourmaline

Paraíba tourmaline is a gemstone of the tourmaline family that stands out due to its vivid and electrifying colors. Its stunning shades of neon blue and green, often resembling the vibrant hues of tropical waters, have captivated gem enthusiasts, collectors, and jewelry connoisseurs alike. This gemstone derives its name from the Brazilian state of Paraíba, where it was first discovered in the late 1980s.


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Are Paraiba Tourmalines Rare?

Paraíba tourmalines are indeed rare gemstones. They owe their captivating electric blue and green hues to the presence of trace elements like copper and manganese, creating a unique color spectrum. However, the geological conditions that lead to the formation of these distinct colors are extremely rare and found in only a few locations worldwide, including Paraíba, Brazil, as well as pockets in Mozambique and Nigeria. The limited availability of these gem-bearing rocks and the small size of the deposits contribute to the overall scarcity of Paraíba tourmalines, making them highly sought-after and valued by collectors and enthusiasts.


What trace elements are contained in Paraiba tourmaline?

Paraíba tourmalines are known for their vivid blue and green colors, which are attributed to the presence of trace elements within their crystal structure. The primary trace elements responsible for the unique colors of Paraíba tourmalines are copper and manganese. These elements play a crucial role in absorbing and reflecting specific wavelengths of light, resulting in the gem’s distinct and electrifying color spectrum.

Copper, in particular, is a key factor in creating the neon-like blue and green hues that are characteristic of Paraíba tourmalines. The presence of copper ions within the crystal lattice of the tourmaline causes the gem to exhibit intense and vibrant colors that set it apart from other tourmaline varieties.

The combination of copper and manganese in the crystal structure gives Paraíba tourmalines their remarkable color intensity and visual appeal. These trace elements, working in synergy, contribute to the gem’s status as one of the most coveted and sought-after gemstones in the world of colored gems.

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What is the most precious type of tourmaline?

The most precious type of tourmaline is widely considered to be the Paraíba tourmaline. These gemstones are renowned for their exceptionally rare and vivid electric blue and green colors, attributed to the presence of trace elements like copper and manganese within their crystal structure. The combination of their unique color, scarcity, and high demand from collectors and gem enthusiasts makes Paraíba tourmalines one of the most valuable and sought-after varieties of tourmaline. Their rarity and remarkable color intensity contribute to their prestige and high price in the gemstone market.

What is the price of Paraiba tourmaline?

The price of Paraíba tourmaline can vary widely based on several factors, including the gem’s color, size, clarity, cut, and overall quality. Paraíba tourmalines are among the most expensive gemstones due to their rarity, exceptional color, and high demand. Prices for smaller, lower-quality Paraíba tourmalines can start at several thousand dollars per carat. Higher-quality stones with intense and vivid colors, larger sizes, and minimal inclusions can command prices ranging from tens of thousands to even hundreds of thousands of dollars per carat. In some cases, exceptionally rare and top-quality Paraíba tourmalines with outstanding characteristics have sold for over a million dollars per carat at auctions.

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Why are Paraiba tourmalines so rare and expensive?

Paraíba tourmalines are exceptionally rare due to a combination of geological factors and the unique trace elements that give them their distinctive color. Here are the key reasons why Paraíba tourmalines are so rare:

1. Copper and Manganese Combination:

The striking neon blue and green colors of Paraíba tourmalines are a result of the presence of trace elements, primarily copper and manganese, within the crystal structure. This specific combination of elements is extremely rare and occurs in only a few places around the world.

2. Geological Formation:

The geological conditions required for the formation of Paraíba tourmalines are uncommon. These gemstones typically occur in pegmatite deposits, which are relatively rare themselves. The specific composition of the host rocks, combined with the presence of copper and manganese, is necessary for the creation of these vibrant colors.

3. Limited Locations:

Paraíba tourmalines were first discovered in the state of Paraíba in Brazil, where they derived their name. While deposits have also been found in Mozambique and Nigeria, the occurrence of the precise combination of trace elements that produces the gem’s vivid colors is still quite restricted.

4. Small and Isolated Pockets:

Even within the known deposits, Paraíba tourmalines are often found in small and isolated pockets. This makes large-scale mining challenging and limits the quantity of gem-quality material that can be extracted.

5. Unique Color Appeal:

The exceptional color intensity of Paraíba tourmalines is highly sought after by collectors and gem enthusiasts. This demand, coupled with their rarity, contributes to their high value and price in the market.

Paraíba tourmalines are rare due to their specific geological requirements, limited occurrences of the necessary trace elements, the scarcity of pegmatite deposits with the appropriate composition, and the gem’s small, isolated pockets of occurrence. These factors collectively contribute to the allure, value, and prestige associated with these remarkable gemstones.

Does Paraiba Tourmaline Have a Celebrity Endorsement?

Paraíba tourmaline has gained celebrity endorsement and recognition in the world of high-end jewelry and fashion. Renowned celebrities and public figures have been seen wearing jewelry featuring Paraíba tourmalines on red carpets, prestigious events, and in various media outlets. Their vibrant and unique color has captured the attention of celebrities who appreciate exquisite gemstones. The endorsement by these high-profile individuals further enhances the gem’s desirability and elevates its status as a coveted and prestigious gemstone in the world of luxury jewelry and fashion.

How Beautiful Paraiba Tourmalines Wear?

Paraíba tourmalines exhibit an unparalleled beauty that makes them stand out when worn. Their vibrant electric blue and green hues create a mesmerizing visual impact, making them a perfect choice for a range of jewelry pieces. Here’s how Paraíba tourmalines showcase their stunning beauty when worn:

1. Exquisite Jewelry Designs:

Paraíba tourmalines lend themselves to a variety of jewelry designs, from elegant rings and necklaces to dazzling earrings and bracelets. Their vivid colors add a pop of brilliance to any piece, making them the focal point of the design.

2. Striking Color Contrast:

The bold and intense color of Paraíba tourmalines contrasts beautifully with various metals and other gemstones. Whether set in white gold, platinum, or even rose gold, their vibrant hues create a stunning contrast that enhances their visual appeal.

3. Statement Pieces:

Paraíba tourmalines are often used as centerpieces for statement jewelry. Large stones set in intricate designs draw attention and evoke admiration, making a bold fashion statement.

4. Elegant Accents:

Smaller Paraíba tourmalines can serve as elegant accents in jewelry. They add a touch of color and elegance to any piece without overpowering the overall design.

5. Red Carpet Glamour:

The vivid and intense colors of Paraíba tourmalines have made them a favorite among celebrities and red-carpet events. They effortlessly add glamour and sophistication to high-profile appearances.

The captivating beauty of Paraíba tourmalines shines through when worn in various jewelry settings. Their intense colors, versatility, and ability to create stunning visual effects make them an exquisite choice for anyone seeking to adorn themselves with a gemstone that radiates luxury and sophistication.


Paraíba tourmaline stands as a testament to the beauty and wonder of nature’s creations. Its rarity, stunning color, complex production process, ethical considerations, market demand, and celebrity endorsements all contribute to its exceptional price tag. While Paraíba tourmaline’s cost may seem substantial, it reflects the gem’s rarity, allure, and the fascination it ignites among those who appreciate the finest and most extraordinary gemstones that our planet has to offer.


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