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Unlocking December’s Birthstones: A Trifecta of Colors and Symbolism

by Madonna

ecember, a month synonymous with festive celebrations and gift-giving, holds a unique charm for those born within its embrace. While Sagittarius and Capricorn claim the astrological spotlight, December’s birthstones – tanzanite, turquoise, and zircon – add an extra layer of significance to this special month. Let’s explore the colors, symbolism, and individuality of each of these gems.

1. Tanzanite:

a. Origin and Rarity: Tanzanite, a relative newcomer in the gemstone world, was unearthed in 1962 in the Merelani Hills of northern Tanzania. Its exclusivity adds to its allure.


b. Colors: Exhibiting a spectrum from blue to violet, tanzanite’s most prized variety is its rich blue hue. Described as “velvety” due to its saturated coloring, this gem exudes elegance.


c. Symbolism: Tanzanite is believed to enhance intuition and vitality. In addition to being December’s birthstone, it holds significance as a gift for the twenty-fourth wedding anniversary.


2. Turquoise:

a. Ancient Treasures: With a history spanning thousands of years, turquoise has left its mark in ancient Egypt, China, and Indigenous cultures worldwide. Royalty, including King Tut, adorned themselves with this precious stone.

b. Colors: Ranging from captivating blues to verdant greens, turquoise’s unique charm sometimes features a spiderweb-like matrix, adding to its distinctive beauty.

c. Symbolism: Wearing turquoise is associated with good health and fortune. This timeless gem is also a thoughtful gift for the eleventh wedding anniversary.

3. Zircon:

a. Diversity in Colors: Zircon stands out as the most diverse of December’s birthstones, boasting a broad spectrum of colors, including red, orange, yellow, brown, green, and blue.

b. Historical Significance: The origins of the name zircon have sparked debates, with suggestions from Arabic and Persian roots. This gem has adorned cultures for centuries, with beliefs ranging from warding off evil spirits to promoting restful sleep.

c. Mining Locations: Predominantly mined in Sri Lanka and Australia, zircon also emerges from Myanmar, Vietnam, and Cambodia, showcasing its global presence.

d. Symbolism: In the Middle Ages, zircon was thought to repel evil spirits and induce sleep. Within Hinduism, zircon is part of the revered “navaratna” or “nine gemstones,” believed to bring wealth, wisdom, and health when worn together.

Embracing the array of December’s birthstones not only adds a touch of individuality to one’s jewelry collection but also weaves a rich tapestry of history, symbolism, and vibrant colors. Whether chosen for personal adornment or as a thoughtful gift, these gems encapsulate the essence of December, making them truly timeless treasures.


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