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Floyd & Green’s Gem Hunt for Charity Embarks on a Quest for Giving

by Madonna

Aiken County, SC — Floyd & Green, the esteemed jewelry purveyor, is set to kick off its much-anticipated annual Gem Hunt on Saturday, November 18. This exciting event invites participants to explore the enchanting landscapes of Aiken County in pursuit of hidden gems, all while standing a chance to win exquisite prizes and contribute to their chosen charities.

Running for five consecutive Saturdays from November 18 to December 16, the Gem Hunt promises a thrilling adventure. Participants will be on the lookout for a conspicuous large green gem cleverly concealed somewhere in Aiken County. Weekly clues, delivered in the form of riddles, will be disseminated through social media channels, creating an engaging and interactive experience for the eager treasure hunters.


The stakes are high for those who successfully unveil the hidden gem. The first person to discover and present the gem at Floyd & Green will be rewarded with a stunning Lagos jewelry piece, valued between $700 and $1,000, and a generous $250 donation from Floyd & Green to the charity of their choice. A complete list of the weekly jewelry prizes can be found on Floyd & Green’s website on the dedicated Gem Hunt page.


As the anticipation builds, participants are encouraged to keep a close eye on Floyd & Green’s Facebook stories (@FloydandGreen) and Instagram stories (@floydandgreenjewelers) every Saturday for the unveiling of the weekly clues.


Tom Williams, the owner of Floyd & Green, expressed his excitement for the event, stating, “We’re thrilled to witness the clever unraveling of riddles and the discovery of hidden gems, as well as to see which charities emerge victorious. This is our way of infusing fun into the tradition of giving back to the community we hold dear.”

Reflecting on the previous year, Floyd & Green demonstrated its commitment to philanthropy by presenting $250 checks to several deserving charities in 2022. Among the recipients were the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office, Aiken Intermediate School (a two-time winner), Horse Creek Softball, and New Ellenton Middle School.

With the Gem Hunt for Charity, Floyd & Green continues to weave a tapestry of joy, adventure, and generosity, making a positive impact on the vibrant community it proudly serves.


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