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Engagement Ring Flushed Down Toilet: Saying Goodbye To The Past!

by Madonna

Courtney Stodden, known for her public persona and past relationships, recently took a bold step in moving on from her former fiancé, Chris Sheng. In a video shared online, she symbolically parted ways with her engagement ring, a move that garnered attention and speculation.

The video captures Courtney in her Brentwood, CA residence, engaging in what she describes as “spring cleaning.” With a nonchalant demeanor, she retrieves her sizable diamond engagement ring from its storage in a jewelry box. Holding it above the toilet, she drops the ring, valued at 5 carats, into the water, and promptly flushes it away.


In a seemingly tongue-in-cheek manner, Courtney remarks, “I guess diamonds aren’t always a girl’s best friend after all,” seemingly taking a swipe at her former partner.


The backstory to this gesture traces back to July 2023 when Courtney and Chris ended their engagement after seven years together. Sources close to the couple cited issues of jealousy and insecurity as factors leading to the split.


Prior to her relationship with Chris, Courtney gained public attention for her controversial marriage to actor Doug Hutchison at the age of 16 in 2011. The couple divorced in 2020.

Since parting ways with Chris, Courtney has found companionship with Emmy-winning Hollywood producer Jared Safier. Their relationship, which reportedly began quietly the previous summer, has progressed rapidly, with sources indicating Jared’s intention to propose soon.

Courtney’s decision to dispose of her engagement ring appears to be a symbolic gesture marking a new chapter in her life. Drawing inspiration from the film “Titanic,” she likened her actions to the character of Rose, who let go of a precious possession at the movie’s conclusion. Courtney explains, “Like the little old lady who dropped it into the ocean in the end [of Titanic], I needed to rid myself of any remanence from the past that no longer had any hold on me. Rose’s character taught me something special – what a woman does with her diamonds is her prerogative.”

In essence, Courtney’s message is clear: she’s embracing change and moving forward with optimism, leaving behind the past as she looks toward the future.


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