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Gem Diamonds: Second +100-Carat Gem Found in Less Than a Week

by Madonna

Gem Diamonds has recovered two diamonds weighing over 100 carats each in less than a week at its Letseng mine in Lesotho.

The latest find is a 172.06-carat Type II white diamond. This marks the seventh diamond over 100 carats found this year, compared to five such diamonds found in the entire year of 2023.


Letseng, which is 70% owned by Gem Diamonds and 30% by the Lesotho government, is the world’s highest dollar-per-carat kimberlite diamond mine.


On May 28, UK-based Gem Diamonds announced the recovery of a 212.49-carat Type II white diamond. Just five days later, on June 2, the 172.06-carat stone was discovered.


In April, the company reported finding diamonds weighing 118.7 carats and 169.15 carats within two weeks of each other. The largest diamond recovered this year so far was a 295-carat stone found in January.


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