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Return This Cursed Big-Ass Emerald To Where It Belongs

by Madonna

Gemfields, a company known for its ethical mining practices, recently unearthed a remarkable emerald of staggering proportions. Weighing nearly 2.5 pounds and boasting a substantial 5,655 carats, this emerald is the second-largest ever discovered by Gemfields. However, amidst the excitement surrounding this find, a plea emerges: return it to its resting place, for it appears to be under a curse.

According to Gemfields’ statement, this emerald exhibits extraordinary clarity and a captivating golden green hue. Discovered on October 2nd, the news of its unearthing was announced on October 29th, coincidentally close to Halloween, a time often associated with superstition and curses.


Found in a mine situated in Zambia, this colossal emerald originates from a geological epoch dating back over 450 million years. The thought of centuries of accumulated curses is unsettling indeed, reinforcing the call to return it to the earth.


In a gesture acknowledging the conservation efforts aimed at carnivores in the region, Gemfields christened this imposing gem “Inkalamu,” meaning “lion” in the local Bemba language. Considering the symbolic potency of a lion’s wrath, the notion of a cursed emerald takes on an even more ominous tone. Despite its impending auction in Singapore this November, perhaps it’s worth considering returning it to its natural habitat.


Traditionally, emeralds are regarded as symbols of hope and love. However, the possibility of disturbing some malevolent cosmic force looms large. In a world already fraught with uncertainty, the allure of this emerald’s curse is a chilling reminder of the unknown.


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