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Priyanka Chopra Sparkles in Diamond Choker Worth $43 Million

by Madonna

Priyanka Chopra, the well-known Indian actress, made quite an impression at Bulgari’s 140th anniversary event, as reported by IDEX Online. She adorned herself with a stunning 200-carat diamond choker valued at a whopping $43 million.

Chopra, aged 42, holds the prestigious title of being a global brand ambassador for the Rome-based luxury fashion and jewelry brand. Her fame escalated after winning the Miss World crown in 2000, and she’s now among the highest-paid actresses in India.


The centerpiece of her ensemble was the Serpenti Aeterna necklace, boasting seven D-color diamond drops, totaling 140 carats. Each diamond represents a year in Bulgari’s illustrious history. The necklace further dazzled with 698 baguette diamonds, weighing 61.81 carats.


Bulgari expressed, “This incredible piece required over 2,800 hours to complete and stuns with its absolute purity conveyed through diamonds.”


In another notable jewelry event, a platinum and gold Cartier “India” tutti frutti necklace fetched a remarkable $8.7 million at Christie’s Hong Kong auction. Surpassing its high estimate of $4.9 million, the necklace garnered intense bidding over a span of more than 10 minutes. Christie’s disclosed that the initial estimate ranged from $3.6 million to $4.9 million.

This necklace stood out as the highlight of the recent Magnificent Jewels sale, which amassed a total of $61 million, marking a 127% increase against presale estimates. According to IDEX Online, over half of the lots were sold above their high estimates, reflecting the fervent interest in these exquisite pieces.


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