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Dutch Police Retrieve Two Diamonds Stolen from TEFAF Maastricht

by Madonna

Two stolen diamonds from TEFAF Maastricht in 2022 have been recovered by authorities following a daring daytime heist.

During the incident, which took place in full view of shocked visitors, a group of armed and disguised individuals made off with jewelry valued at tens of millions of dollars. This raised concerns about security at the renowned fair, known for its lavish display of art and antiquities.


According to reports from The Netherlands Times, one woman has been linked to the crime, while the five men involved in the smash-and-grab are still at large.


One of the diamonds was found in Israel, while the second diamond, part of the same necklace, was discovered in Hong Kong. Earlier reports had suggested a Balkan gang with ties to the notorious Pink Panthers may have been behind the theft. Police now believe the TEFAF thieves are from Nis, Serbia, and have offered a reward of €500,000 ($542,000) for information.


Local police stated, “Some of [the thieves] are also wanted for similar robberies in other European countries like Switzerland and the Czech Republic.” The investigation has since linked a fifth suspect, a woman, to the robbery.

The thieves entered TEFAF Maastricht, the flagship of the international art fair, at around 11:30 a.m. local time in June 2022. Social media footage appears to show the thieves being confronted by security officers as they smashed their way in. They reportedly exited the fair through the restaurant.

The day after the heist, the Politie, the national police force of the Netherlands, arrested two men suspected of involvement. However, both were later released and cleared of suspicion.

“The investigation has made significant progress,” stated the police. “The international nature of this investigation means it takes time as we have to adhere to international procedures and regulations.”


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