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Justin Bieber presents Hailey with a new diamond ring during their vow renewal ceremony.

by Madonna

Justin Bieber, 30, and Hailey Bieber, 27, renewed their wedding vows earlier this month in Kilauea, Hawaii. During the ceremony, the singer gifted his wife a $1.5 million diamond ring. Hailey has been seen wearing the new ring on her wedding finger, moving her original Solow & Co. engagement ring to her pinky.

“The new ring is almost identical to her original engagement ring in terms of the four-prong setting, though the elongated oval-cut diamond is considerably bigger at roughly 18 carats,” said Laura Taylor of Lorel Diamonds to Page Six.


U.K. diamond retailer Steven Stone estimated the ring’s value at $1.5 million, calling it “her most impressive yet.” Rare Carat CEO Ajay Adnand also valued the diamond at $1.5 million.


The couple used the occasion to announce they are expecting their first child. In a video debuting her baby bump, Hailey wore a custom Saint Laurent lace wedding dress by Anthony Vaccarello with a flowing veil. She was also seen wearing an eternity wedding ring matching her husband’s. Tiffany & Co. revealed they provided the couple’s Forever bands, featuring platinum and a full circle of diamonds.


Hailey returned to YouTube earlier this week after a three-month break, announcing her pregnancy. The model, who is six months along, showcased her pregnancy glow in a new makeup tutorial on her channel.

In new photos posted on Instagram last week, Hailey flaunted her new oval diamond ring set on a simple gold band and showed off her cherry blossom manicure. She captioned the photo, “little cherry blossoms on my nails little cherry blossom in my belly 🥟🥟🌸.”

Fans speculated that Hailey’s post hinted they are expecting a baby girl, though the couple has not officially commented.


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