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The Biggest Lab-Grown Diamond Ever is Now Showcased at JCK

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The International Gemological Institute (IGI) has examined and rated a 75.33 carat square-emerald cut lab-grown diamond, which stands as the largest of its kind globally to date. Additionally, a unique 30.69 carat ring-shaped diamond, reportedly formed from a single crystal grown rough stone using Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), has been analyzed. Named the “Celebration of India” and “Infinity Ring” respectively, these creations are the work of Ethereal Green Diamond LLP in collaboration with RockRush, based in SoHo, New York. Both groundbreaking achievements are currently showcased at the JCK Show in Las Vegas from May 31st to June 3rd, located at booth number 8135.

The 75.33 carat diamond, labeled as type IIa with excellent polish and symmetry by IGI, underwent approximately 270 days of growth to reach a rough stone weight of 190 carats and roughly 30 days for cutting and polishing. Hirav Virani, Director at Ethereal Green, expressed pride in the innovation behind the “Celebration of India,” highlighting its significance in marking over 75 years of India’s independence. Notably, last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gifted an IGI-certified 7.5 carat Laboratory Grown Diamond to First Lady Jill Biden of the United States, commemorating India’s 75th Independence anniversary.


The 30.69 carat Infinity Ring, also categorized as type IIa with excellent polish and symmetry by IGI, is a distinctive diamond ring carved from a 98.88 carat rough CVD stone. Director Hirav Virani emphasized the craftsmanship behind the Infinity Ring, which took about 146 days for growth and an additional 90 days for meticulous crafting at Ethereal Green’s facility in Gujarat, India.


Tehmasp Printer, CEO of IGI, praised Ethereal Green’s commitment to innovation and record-breaking achievements, highlighting these creations as exemplars of the possibilities within the lab-grown diamond sector.


Following the JCK Show, the “Celebration of India” and “Infinity Ring” will be exhibited at the RockRush store in SoHo, New York.

IGI is actively participating in the JCK show, offering on-site grading, gemstone screening, and educational sessions at booth number 11065. Attendees are encouraged to join Senior Director of Education, John Pollard, for “Consumer Education 101 on Jewelry Myths & Customer Objections” on Thursday at 10:00 am, along with daily Happy Hour events at 4:30 pm, featuring IGI “Gem & Jewelry Jeopardy” and presentations by IGI experts on the institute’s latest services and offerings.


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