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American Gem Trade Association Unveils Exquisite Gemstones and Jewelry at Exclusive Event

by Madonna

Dallas, TX (KDAF) — The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) recently hosted a grand reveal day, showcasing a dazzling array of precious gems and stones from around the globe. Invited guests, including select VIPs, had the privilege of exploring rare and exotic pieces at The Omni Hotel in Frisco, immersing themselves in a world of luxury and sophistication.

The AGTA Spectrum & Cutting Edge Awards, an esteemed tradition since 1984, took center stage, casting a spotlight on superior colored gemstone jewelry, natural gemstones, accomplished designers, and talented cutters. This event has consistently paved the way for emerging trends and the discovery of new talents in the world of gemstones.


CEO John Ford, welcoming attendees, highlighted the magnitude of the event, stating, “This is the largest jewelry competition for loose colored gemstones and finished colored gemstones, and finished colored diamond jewelry in the world.” The event showcased hundreds of exquisite pieces, each a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of the industry.


Guests were treated to a sneak peek at some remarkable creations, including Houston-based designer Erica Courtney’s statement necklace. Crafted in 18 karat gold and adorned with emeralds, white diamonds, and jade, the piece exemplified the caliber of craftsmanship on display. Paula Crevoshay’s “Twilight Romance,” a sapphire bracelet encrusted in an array of blue and purple shades, and Jeffrey Bilgore’s stunning emerald and diamond ring in a platinum setting were among the other standout pieces.


Reflecting on the influence of Hollywood and movie stars, Ford noted, “We see a lot of traditional jewelry coming out that people are doing. What we’ve seen this year is just an elevation of quality.” The event witnessed a significant increase in entries, with a 35% rise, showcasing the industry’s commitment to excellence.

Ford expressed excitement about the AGTA’s new home in Frisco at The Omni, foreseeing years of hosting this prestigious event at the venue. He emphasized the AGTA’s significance in the jewelry industry, likening it to the Oscars, stating, “It’s an annual competition we’ve had for over 25 years. We will be holding it in Dallas, it’s been held in New York in the past.”

The event served as a global gathering of jewelry enthusiasts, and Ford highlighted the transformative impact of winning a Spectrum Award, stating, “Winning a Spectrum Award is a life-changing experience, because a lot of young designers get their start in the Spectrum Awards. And they go on to be a national brand.” As the AGTA continues to move forward, the event remains a pinnacle in the jewelry industry, celebrating innovation, creativity, and the enduring allure of exquisite gemstones.


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