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Gemstone Branding: Unlocking Pakistan’s Potential in the International Market

by Madonna

Pakistan, with its rich reserves of high-quality gemstones, has the potential to emerge as a global hub for gemstone production and significantly boost foreign exchange earnings through strategic branding, according to industry experts.

Jawaid Anwar, former General Manager (Geology) of Pakistan Minerals Development Corporation, highlighted the untapped potential, stating that numerous gemstones of Pakistani origin are currently sold in the international market under the brand names of other countries. This, he contends, deprives Pakistan of precious foreign exchange. Anwar pointed out the exceptional quality of gemstones such as the Pink Topaz of Katlang and Peridot of Kaghan valley in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, emphasizing that their unique and beautiful nature often goes unrecognized due to a lack of strong branding.


Anwar called for the strict implementation of laws to monitor the export of gemstones and stressed the need for a comprehensive framework ensuring the proper transportation of gemstones from mines to markets. He believes that policymakers should focus on these issues to bring about socioeconomic benefits to communities associated with the mining sector.


Abdul Bashir, a geologist with Koh-i-Daleel Minerals (Pvt) Ltd, emphasized the strategic importance of branding for Pakistani gemstones. He suggested that Pakistani gemstones should be showcased at international exhibitions and trade shows under a distinctive brand name to command optimal pricing, thereby ensuring sustainable income for entrepreneurs and small-scale miners.


Bashir drew attention to the rich deposits of gemstone mines in the northern parts of Pakistan, as well as in Ras Koh, Kharan, Chaman, and Chagai areas of Balochistan. He urged the need to fully exploit this wealth to elevate Pakistan’s standing in the global gemstone market.

Zakirullah, former Chairman of the All Pakistan Exporters Association, echoed the sentiment, stressing the urgent need for Pakistan to establish its own brands in the gemstone market. He cited America and Germany as key hubs for selling gemstones and their value-added products, suggesting that Pakistan should introduce its brands to capture the international market. Additionally, Zakirullah highlighted the importance of lapidary training and suggested seeking Chinese cooperation to add value to gemstone-based products.

In 2023, the international gemstone market is valued at $32.38 billion, with projections estimating a growth to $55.96 billion by 2033, showcasing the potential for Pakistan to carve a significant niche in this flourishing industry.


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