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The Timeless Tennis Bracelet Takes a Colorful Turn

by Madonna

In the world of jewelry classics, the tennis bracelet remains an everlasting favorite, but contemporary twists are adding surprises to this enduring style. Originating in the 1970s with tennis legend Chris Evert donning a diamond bracelet on the court, the tennis bracelet has seen evolving trends. While round, colorless, bezel-set diamonds continue to be the pinnacle, a recent trend is infusing color to reinvent this classic.

Jenny Klatt, co-founder of New York-based jewelry manufacturer Jemma Wynne, embraces the trend of colorful tennis bracelets as a way to incorporate vibrancy into everyday wear. Klatt notes that the gems don’t necessarily have to match clothing precisely; instead, they can serve as a neutral silhouette with a pop of color, adding a playful element to one’s look. Jemma Wynne’s latest designs feature a spectrum of gemstones, including tsavorites, sapphires, and emeralds, introducing variations in stone sizes and deviating from the traditional uniformity of tennis bracelets.


At Arazi Eternity, a New York-based jeweler, the market for colored tennis bracelets appeals particularly to mature shoppers who have already built a strong collection of diamond jewelry. The company offers high-end bracelets ranging from $20,000 to $1 million, showcasing innovative designs that blend diamond-versus-gemstone ratios and non-alternating patterns. Notable examples include a $130,000 bracelet combining emerald-cut rubies and diamonds in platinum and a $180,000 piece featuring pear-shaped, fancy-yellow diamonds. Pink sapphires also take center stage, with a $30,000 Arazi bracelet boasting 14 carats of east-west-set pink sapphires in various cuts.


Maria Carola Picchiotti, the marketing director of Italian jeweler Picchiotti, notes the rising popularity of mixed diamond cuts and combinations of diamonds and colored gemstones in tennis bracelets. Picchiotti emphasizes offering diverse style, color, and price choices to cater to individual preferences and ensures adaptability to different wrist sizes through proprietary technology.


In the competitive market, the selling strategy for colored tennis bracelets often centers on emphasizing the uniqueness of each piece. Josh Arazi, vice president of Arazi Eternity, highlights the individuality of fine color, emphasizing that no two pieces are truly alike, making each bracelet a distinct and personalized choice for consumers. As the tennis bracelet continues to evolve, these contemporary variations promise to keep this classic accessory fresh and appealing to a broad audience.


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