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Gems and Jewels Ball Set to Illuminate the Unsung Heroes of Fall River Community

by Madonna

FALL RIVER — An enchanting evening awaits as the inaugural Gems and Jewels Ball, presented by the Bristol Black Collective Inc., prepares to unfold against the backdrop of Fall River’s historic carousel at Battleship Cove. This grand event, slated for Saturday, Dec. 9, from 4 to 7 p.m., aims to celebrate the often-overlooked gems and jewels within the community.

The Bristol Black Collective Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to honoring Black history and culture, is orchestrating this gala, which promises an evening of live music, dancing, carousel rides, and a cash bar. The carousel, with its roots tracing back to Lincoln Park, now stands as a symbol of historical charm at Battleship Cove.


Director Tia Castellano describes the Gems and Jewels Ball as a celebration as diverse and unique as each member of the community. “The event aims to create memorable moments with our friends and family, engage and make a positive impact on the lives of the community members and recognize the unsung heroes among us.”


The entertainment lineup includes live music, dance performances, and a themed photo booth, offering attendees an opportunity to capture the magic of the evening. The Fall River Music Center’s talented students, in collaboration with the Bristol Black Collective, will add a delightful touch to the event. The music center, under the guidance of music director Isleila Rodrigues since 2004, showcases the skills of students like Andrew Novaes, Caleb Farias, Einya Cruz, Nicole Matayitayi, Hadassa Bispo, Awen Plancher, Jasmine Santos, Malachi Williams, and Rebecca Farias.


Notably, the Gems and Jewels Ball seeks to honor some unsung heroes in the community. Among those recognized are Anna Thomas, president of Together We Stand Corporation, and Francia Jean Baptiste (CeeCee), founder of Ccee Nails Academy. Thomas has played a pivotal role in supporting people experiencing homelessness through Ann’s House, while Baptiste has contributed significantly as the owner of the first Black nail salon in Fall River.

The dress code for the evening is semi-formal, and guests are encouraged to actively participate by sharing their own stories of community connection. Castellano emphasizes the significance of this event, stating, “The Gems and Jewels Ball symbolizes not only a coming together of individuals but a celebration of the unique contributions each person brings to the collective narrative and a celebration of those individuals who have taken up the charge to leave our community better than they found it.”

As anticipation builds for this mosaic of colors and stories, the Gems and Jewels Ball promises to be an unforgettable tapestry of experiences, weaving together the rich threads of the Fall River community’s shared history and individual contributions.


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