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QNET Unveils Exquisite Embracelet Collection by Bernhard H Mayer

by Madonna

Global wellness and lifestyle-focused company, QNET, has proudly introduced the latest addition to its luxurious Swiss watch and jewellery brand, Bernhard H Mayer. The all-new Bernhard H Mayer Embracelet collection, a line of meticulously crafted bracelets, has been unveiled to celebrate the unique chapters in the ever-evolving story of life.

This stunning collection from the Swiss brand features bracelets adorned with gold and gemstones, embodying a contemporary twist on timeless designs. In line with QNET’s commitment to providing products that empower individuals to take control of their lives, each piece in the Embracelet collection is thoughtfully designed to make a statement on its own. However, the versatility of the pieces allows wearers to mix and match, enabling a personalized aesthetic to shine through.


Malou Caluza, Deputy Chairperson of QNET, shared insights into the inspiration behind this extraordinary collection, stating, “Jewellery is a very personal expression. It should reflect an individual’s distinctive personality, which is shaped by their life experiences. The master designers and craftsmen from the Mayer atelier outdid themselves with this collection, showcasing their unparalleled skills and expertise to create pieces that capture the uniqueness of the person wearing them.”


The Embracelet collection comprises four exquisite pieces, each telling its own captivating story:


1. Pink Amethyst Bracelet:

A dazzling creation featuring diamonds and rose-hued amethysts.

2. Diamond Bracelet:

Elegance personified, crafted with flower-cut diamonds set against white gold.

3. Swiss Blue Topaz Bracelet:

A mesmerizing piece adorned with a row of diamonds, showcasing the allure of Swiss Blue Topaz.

4. Amethyst Bracelet:

A harmonious blend of amethyst, white topaz, and diamonds, creating a glittering masterpiece.

QNET continues to redefine luxury and personal expression with the Embracelet collection, providing individuals with a unique way to celebrate and express their individuality through these intricately designed pieces.


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