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Angara Unveils “Celebrate with Color” Campaign, Challenging Diamond Norms

by Madonna

NEW YORK, November 16, 2023 – Angara, the premier international online jeweler, has officially launched its “Celebrate with Color” campaign, sparking a conversation challenging the traditional perception of natural, colorless diamonds as the epitome of luxury and eternal love. The campaign, featuring digital billboards on Madison Avenue in New York City, encourages individuals to question the societal standard of perfection epitomized by the “4Cs” and instead embrace the diversity, variety, and inherent beauty found in colored gemstones. Angara’s initiative stands in contrast to the dominance of colorless diamonds in the industry and seeks to celebrate the individuality of colorful gemstones that have adorned significant pieces of jewelry for centuries.

Ankur Daga, the Founder and CEO of Angara, notes the historical shift in the mid-1900s when diamonds emerged as the symbol of perfection, driven by clever marketing. Daga asserts, “Through clever marketing, the diamond came to be considered the ultimate symbol of true love, when in fact, precious gems like ruby, sapphire, and emerald are far rarer.”


With the steadily increasing value of colored gemstones, growing at a rate of 10% annually compared to the diamond industry’s 3%, “Celebrate with Color” aims to challenge the prevailing narrative of flawless, colorless diamonds as the ultimate status symbol.


Daga emphasizes that the campaign goes beyond showcasing Angara’s jewelry. He states, “It’s about sharing the beauty of color and empowering consumers to reconnect with nature’s most ancient sources of color—gemstones. Through ‘Celebrate with Color,’ we hope consumers discover gemstones that celebrate who they are, their uniqueness, and individuality.”


Angara, a direct-to-consumer (DTC) fine jewelry retail brand, specializes in handcrafted jewelry adorned with natural colored gemstones, high-quality diamonds, and pearls, with each piece made-to-order. Established in 2005 by the husband-wife duo Ankur and Aditi Daga, Angara has evolved into the leading source for fine gemstone jewelry. As a vertically integrated company with deep familial roots in the gemstone business spanning centuries, Angara manages every step of the process in-house, including stone-cutting, designing, manufacturing, quality control, and fulfillment. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Angara has global offices in India, Thailand, Ireland, Australia, and Canada. Additionally, the brand holds licensing deals with Harvard University and Natori.


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