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New Owner Breathes New Life into Montclair Jewelry Shop, Launches Aster Jewelers

by Madonna

In the picturesque Oakland Hills, a woman-owned jewelry store, Aster Jewelers, has emerged as the successor to Montclair Jewelers, which saw its former owner retire after a remarkable 60-year tenure. Lindsay Ansley, a jewelry designer and El Cerrito resident, orchestrated a soft opening for Aster Jewelers on October 28, marking the beginning of a new chapter for the well-established storefront on Mountain Boulevard.

Montclair Jewelers, described by Ansley as a “family heirloom,” was originally founded in 1963 in Berkeley by gemologist Joseph Coll, his wife Blanca, and their son David. It later moved to the Oakland location in 1970 and underwent a seamless transition when Joseph and Blanca retired, passing the reins to their son and his wife, Sherry. Ansley is determined to uphold the legacy of Montclair Jewelers by continuing to offer a range of services, including appraisals, watch and jewelry repairs, bead restringing, and engravings.


The new Aster Jewelers isn’t confined to traditional jewelry; it also showcases handmade home goods such as candles, perfumes, and blankets. Ansley, intentional about supporting women-owned businesses, ensures that all ten jewelry brands carried by Aster Jewelers are small, women-owned enterprises from various cities.


David Coll, the former owner of Montclair Jewelers, announced his retirement last June, expressing a desire to hand down the store to a fellow lapidary. Around the same time, Ansley was contemplating opening a brick-and-mortar space for her jewelry brand, Adeline Jewelry. When she came across Coll’s listing, it felt like fate had intervened, and she decided to acquire the shop. Renaming it Aster Jewelers, Ansley retained “jewelers” in the name as a tribute to the former proprietors.


While the business is under new ownership and bears a different name, Ansley aims to maintain the retro vibe of an old-school jeweler, offering services that are becoming increasingly rare. Aster Jewelers not only stands as a retail space but also a platform for inclusivity. Ansley envisions it as a place where individuals can explore affordable accessories and housewares, breaking free from traditional gender norms in jewelry design.

Born in San Francisco and raised in Oakland, Ansley’s journey into jewelry-making traces back to her childhood. Initially enamored by beads, she found solace and passion in crafting colorful accessories. Despite briefly considering a career in writing, Ansley ultimately embraced her love for working with her hands, transitioning into the world of jewelry-making.

Beyond retail, Ansley envisions Aster Jewelers as a community space, hosting events like pet portraits and trunk shows for jewelry designers to showcase their latest collections. With a deep appreciation for Oakland and its residents, Ansley is excited about the opportunity to bring people together in this storied space.

Aster Jewelers Details:

Location: 2083 Mountain Blvd.

Operating Hours: Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Closed on Monday and Tuesday.


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