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Toteme, Renowned for Minimalist Fashion, Expands Portfolio with Jewelry Launch

by Madonna

Stockholm, Sweden – Toteme, the acclaimed Swedish fashion brand founded by Elin Kling and Karl Lindman, celebrated for its minimalist aesthetic, has ventured into the realm of jewelry. With a reputation for offering curated essentials for the modern woman, Toteme’s expansion into accessories follows successful forays into shoes in 2019 and bags in 2022.

Creative director Elin Kling expressed her excitement about introducing Toteme’s first line of jewelry, stating, “I always had a vision to design complementary pieces to our collections. It feels very exciting to finally be able to offer our first line of jewelry.”


Since its inception in 2014, Toteme has defined itself by providing a carefully curated wardrobe, embodying simplicity and architectural quality. The initial jewelry collection, featuring 13 pieces, will see new additions released bi-annually, staying true to the brand’s commitment to elevated simplicity.


Kling emphasized that the designs aim to “complement an effortless way of dressing” while making a subtle statement. The collection includes delicate chain link necklaces, diamond-studded cigar band rings, and enamel bangles, maintaining Toteme’s signature understated elegance.


The expansion into jewelry aligns with a broader trend in the industry, where luxury brands are diversifying beyond traditional fashion offerings. Kling, approaching the category as a jewelry enthusiast, noted, “Jewelry has always had an emotional resonance for me. Some of my most treasured items are the understated vintage pieces that I wear every day.”

The jewelry launch features options in both fashion and fine jewelry, with prices ranging from $420 to $2,700. Kling, revealing her must-have pieces, highlighted the enamel bracelets for their collectible nature over time and the cigar ring worn over the knuckles, a personal favorite that complements her wedding bands seamlessly.

As Toteme continues to redefine modern elegance, the addition of jewelry further solidifies the brand’s commitment to providing timeless essentials that effortlessly elevate the wardrobe of the contemporary woman.


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