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November Birthstone: Explore Citrine and Topaz Jewelry for Your Birth Month

by Madonna

November-born individuals have the privilege of having not one but two exquisite birthstone options. These two gems, topaz and citrine, are known for their warm and sunny colors and are among the more budget-friendly birthstones available in today’s market. Their durability and versatility make them suitable for various forms of jewelry, making them appealing additions to your collection, even if your birthday falls outside of November.

Topaz, a gemstone that comes in various hues, reaches its peak in value with the deep orange shades that exhibit pink undertones, known as Imperial topaz. Symbolically, topaz is often associated with love and affection, believed to grant strength and intelligence to its wearer.


Citrine, also known as healing quartz, is said to promote vitality and energy to those who wear it. In Chinese feng shui philosophy, citrine has been linked to the creation of wealth and abundance. While it may not guarantee financial success, there’s no doubt that it makes for a stylish and attractive accessory.


If you’re on the hunt for chic jewelry pieces to enhance your collection, your search ends here. Below, we’ve curated a selection of eye-catching topaz and citrine jewelry that you should consider adding to your collection:


1. November Birthstone bracelet – $173, Missoma

2. Blue Topaz Long-Tusk Earring – $202, Beatriz Palacios

3. 18kt Yellow Gold Blue Topaz Ring – $888, Swayta Sha

4. 18kt Yellow Gold Renaissance Madeira Citrine 3.5mm cuff – $4,718, David Yuman

5. Mini Gem Choker Necklace – $260, Monica Vinader

6. 10K Gold Lauren Blue Topaz Necklace – $260, By Invite Only

7. November Birthstone Necklace – $127, Linjer

8. Petit Hue Corine Citrine Gem Ring – $129, SK Jewellery

9. Birthstone Pendant – $165, Swarovski

These elegant and vibrant jewelry pieces offer a way to celebrate your November birth or simply add a touch of warmth and brilliance to your everyday style.


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