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Floral Jewelry Pieces to Embrace for the Winter Season

by Madonna

As winter approaches and gardens prepare to hibernate, the allure of floral beauty remains evergreen. At VERANDA, the enchantment of gardens and flowers is perpetual, and we’re constantly seeking ways to carry the lushness of our favorite blossoms into the colder months. Fortunately, jewelry designers share our passion. Throughout history, jewelers have drawn inspiration from the beauty of flowers and nature, and contemporary designers continue this tradition, creating captivating floral jewelry that adds a touch of everlasting spring to our lives.

Whether it’s an exquisite representation of a specific flower or an abstract homage to the intriguing characteristics of particular botanical varieties, we turn to the latest floral forms in jewelry to bring vibrancy to our winter wardrobes. Here, we present a selection of the finest floral jewelry pieces that will grace your collection and keep the spirit of spring alive, even in the heart of winter:


1. Margot McKinney Flower Earrings:

Evoking the vibrant blooms of Miami and the Caribbean, these earrings feature pink and blue spinels and delicately curved petals that mirror the graceful ascent of climbing flowers.


2. David Webb Flower Bud Wrap Ring:

Inspired by the unopened bud of a flower, this twisted ring showcases a faceted rubellite, creating a captivating focal point.


3. Harakh White Gold Flower Drop Earrings:

Handcrafted in India, these floral earrings boast white diamonds arranged in a swirling pattern that mirrors the glistening dewdrops found on morning petals in the garden.

4. Polya Medvedeva Pendant Necklace with Diamonds and Emerald:

Resembling the contour of a peony petal, this yellow gold pendant features white diamonds and a resplendent green emerald, making it a refined addition to your evening ensemble.

5. Harry Winston Sunflower Diamond Earrings:

These stud earrings draw inspiration from the sunflower’s form, with each center adorned by a 1-carat white diamond, while the entire flower weighs over 4 carats.

6. Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole Ring:

A whimsical and delightful piece for brightening winter days, this ring features a cluster of eight flowers crafted in yellow gold and adorned with white diamonds, resembling a charming bouquet for your hand.

7. Graff Wild Flower Pavé Diamond Bracelet:

Noteworthy for its articulated design, this floral bracelet moves gracefully across the wrist, much like blossoms swaying in a springtime breeze.

8. Marco Bicego Petali Flower Stud Earrings:

Ideal for everyday wear, these hand-engraved yellow gold blooms are the perfect size for the earlobe, offering a bold yet tasteful look without being overly large.

These exquisite floral jewelry pieces transcend the seasons, adding a touch of everlasting springtime to your winter wardrobe. Celebrate the enduring allure of flowers and nature with these remarkable creations by visionary jewelry designers.


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