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Meghan Markle & The Emerald Tiaras: A Royal Fascination

by Madonna

Meghan Markle’s journey from Hollywood actress to Duchess of Sussex captivated the world’s attention. Her marriage to Prince Harry in 2018 was a momentous occasion, and like any royal wedding, it was filled with history, tradition, and the elegance of the British royal family. One intriguing aspect that had royal enthusiasts buzzing was the question of which emerald tiara Meghan Markle would choose to wear for the occasion.

Emerald tiaras have been a symbol of regal opulence and splendor for centuries. In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of emerald tiaras, explore the rumored choices for Meghan Markle’s wedding, and shed light on the historical and cultural significance of these remarkable jewels.


The Allure of Emerald Tiaras

Emeralds, with their deep green color and captivating luster, have long held a special place in the world of gemstones. They are considered one of the “big four” precious gemstones, alongside diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. The vibrant green hue of emeralds symbolizes renewal, growth, and vitality, making them a compelling choice for tiaras and other jewelry.


Emerald tiaras have a storied history in the realm of royal jewelry, often associated with grandeur, prestige, and wealth. These tiaras are a testament to the enduring legacy of royal families and their penchant for opulent accessories.


The Significance of Tiaras in Royal Tradition

Tiaras, often referred to as diadems, have been an integral part of royal traditions and ceremonies for centuries. These ornate headpieces are typically worn by queens, princesses, and brides on special occasions. Tiaras are not merely fashion accessories; they carry cultural and historical significance, symbolizing the wearer’s rank and the grandeur of the event.

One of the most iconic occasions for wearing a tiara is a royal wedding. The choice of tiara is a carefully considered decision, combining personal style preferences, the theme of the wedding, and the historical legacy of the tiara itself.

Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding: The Tiara Dilemma

Meghan Markle’s wedding to Prince Harry on May 19, 2018, at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor was a momentous event that combined British royal tradition with contemporary elegance. One of the most eagerly anticipated aspects of the wedding was the selection of the tiara Meghan would wear.

Rumored Choices for Meghan Markle’s Tiara

Several emerald tiaras from the royal collection were rumored to be contenders for Meghan Markle’s wedding day. Each of these tiaras has a unique history and cultural significance. Let’s explore these speculated options:

1. Queen Mary’s Emerald Bandeau Tiara

History: This exquisite tiara was originally crafted in 1932 for Queen Mary, the grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II. It features a flexible band of brilliant-cut diamonds with interlacing diamond and emerald embellishments.

Significance: The tiara has a significant royal history, having been worn by Queen Mary and, on occasion, by Queen Elizabeth II. Its timeless design and emerald accents make it a striking choice for a royal wedding.

2. The Cambridge Emerald Choker Tiara

History: The Cambridge Emerald Choker Tiara, originally a necklace, was transformed into a tiara. It features a series of large cabochon emeralds interspersed with diamonds.

Significance: This tiara’s striking design and prominent emerald cabochons would have added a unique and dramatic element to Meghan’s bridal ensemble.

3. The Emerald Peacock Tiara

History: The Emerald Peacock Tiara, also known as the Boucheron Tiara, was created by the renowned Parisian jeweler Boucheron. This tiara showcases a splendid peacock design with a lush display of emeralds and diamonds.

Significance: The tiara’s distinct peacock motif and vivid emerald hues would have made it a bold and eye-catching choice for Meghan Markle’s wedding.

4. The Lotus Flower Tiara

History: The Lotus Flower Tiara is a piece from the Queen’s personal collection and features exquisite lotus flower designs adorned with emeralds and diamonds.

Significance: This tiara’s floral theme and use of emeralds create a delicate and graceful appearance, potentially aligning with Meghan Markle’s style and the theme of the wedding.

5. The Brazilian Aquamarine Tiara

History: Although it’s primarily associated with aquamarines, this tiara from the Brazilian Parure includes emerald drops, making it a unique choice for an emerald-themed wedding.

Significance: The inclusion of emeralds in this tiara creates a captivating contrast between the blue aquamarines and the green emeralds, adding a touch of vibrancy and color to Meghan’s bridal look.

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The Final Choice: Queen Mary’s Diamond Bandeau Tiara

In the end, Meghan Markle’s wedding day choice was Queen Mary’s Diamond Bandeau Tiara, which features a beautiful diamond bandeau, adorned with a detachable brooch that showcases a large diamond in the center with diamond and enamel detailing. While this tiara did not include emeralds, it held immense significance as it was on loan from Queen Elizabeth II and once belonged to Queen Mary.

The selection of this tiara was seen as a nod to tradition and a symbol of the strong bond between Meghan and Queen Elizabeth. The simplicity and elegance of the tiara complemented Meghan’s classic wedding gown and veil, creating a timeless bridal look.

The Cultural and Historical Significance of Emerald Tiaras

Emeralds have a rich history in various cultures, symbolizing fertility, rebirth, and love. Their vivid green color is associated with lush landscapes and the promise of new beginnings. When emeralds are incorporated into tiaras, they add a regal touch to the headpiece, infusing it with a sense of vibrancy and vitality.

In the context of royal traditions, emerald tiaras are often chosen for weddings and other significant events to symbolize love, growth, and the promise of a bright future. The choice of a particular emerald tiara can also reflect the wearer’s personal style and preferences, making it a deeply personal decision.

Emerald Tiaras in Other Royal Weddings

While Meghan Markle’s choice of tiara garnered significant attention, she was not the only royal bride to opt for emerald tiaras on her wedding day. Other notable royal brides have also chosen emerald tiaras for their nuptials.

1. Princess Mathilde of Belgium

Princess Mathilde of Belgium wore the Wolfers Tiara on her wedding day in 1999. This tiara features diamond and emerald elements, creating a delicate and sophisticated bridal look.

2. Princess Madeleine of Sweden

Princess Madeleine of Sweden chose the Modern Fringe Tiara for her wedding to Christopher O’Neill in 2013. The tiara features vibrant emeralds and diamonds, adding a touch of color and glamour to her bridal ensemble.

3. Queen Sonja of Norway

Queen Sonja of Norway wore the accompanying tiara to her emerald parure, known as the Diamond Daisy Tiara, for her wedding to then Crown Prince Harald in 1968. This tiara features both emeralds and diamonds, creating a stunning and regal appearance.

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The world of emerald tiaras is filled with history, tradition, and cultural significance. Whether chosen for a royal wedding or other special occasions, emerald tiaras continue to captivate with their captivating green hues and timeless elegance.

Meghan Markle’s choice of the Queen Mary’s Diamond Bandeau Tiara for her wedding day was a nod to tradition and a symbol of the deep bond between herself and Queen Elizabeth II. While it did not feature emeralds, it added a touch of understated elegance to her classic bridal look.

As we look back on Meghan Markle’s wedding and the allure of emerald tiaras, we are reminded of the enduring legacy of these exquisite jewels and their significance in royal traditions. Whether adorned with emeralds or other precious gemstones, tiaras remain symbols of love, unity, and the promise of a bright future.


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