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Pioneering Black-Owned Custom Jewelry Brand Owner Earns the Moniker “Engagement Ring Queen”

by Madonna

The founder of Balacía, a thriving Black-owned custom jewelry brand, is receiving well-deserved accolades for her innovative vision and unwavering commitment to providing exquisite jewelry options. Jasmine Carter, often referred to as the “Engagement Ring Queen,” embarked on her journey with Balacía six years ago, setting out to simplify the process of acquiring the perfect jewelry pieces for customers.

Balacía, based in Dallas, has garnered widespread acclaim for its offerings, specializing in custom engagement rings, sentimental necklaces, and a diverse range of statement jewelry.


Jasmine Carter has a mission – to demystify the often overwhelming process of engagement ring shopping. She stated, “Engagement ring shopping is so overwhelming for most people. A lot of people go store-to-store trying to find a ring, or spend months researching diamonds to try to choose a good one. I try to take away all of the stress and keep the fun in the ring shopping process.”


Carter’s approach is rooted in expertise and a deep understanding of her clientele. She added, “I’m the jewelry expert, so my clients don’t have to be. I offer a jewelry concierge experience so everyone gets my undivided attention to bring their visions to life.”


What sets Balacía apart is Carter’s personal touch and commitment to excellence. In an industry where male jewelers predominantly dominate, Carter ensures that her designs are created with women in mind, guaranteeing that every customer’s diamonds are not only breathtaking but also flawless in quality.

Balacía’s team comprises her husband, Devon, who holds the position of Vice President. According to the brand’s mission statement, the couple personally selects the diamonds featured in their jewelry pieces, ensuring that customers receive nothing less than the finest quality.

Each Balacía creation tells a unique story, with Carter emphasizing, “The custom element just adds to the story of her ring. When you place an order with Balacía, we make it to order, so your ring is literally made for you, and we put love into every piece we create.”

On the company’s website, the 29-year-old jeweler reflects on her lifelong passion for design. She reminisces, “My favorite games were anything that allowed me to design my own clothing, home, or business.” Her love for rings, ignited when she got married in 2016, fueled her desire to establish her own bridal jewelry line.

Carter envisions Balacía as a haven for all individuals, regardless of their budget, to access high-quality custom jewelry that fulfills their dreams. She notes, “We at Balacía believe that everyone deserves to have the custom jewelry of their dreams.”

Jasmine Carter’s visionary approach and commitment to making fine jewelry accessible and enjoyable for all have truly earned her the title of the “Engagement Ring Queen.” Balacía stands as a testament to her passion, creativity, and unwavering dedication to helping people express their love and unique stories through exceptional jewelry.


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