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Larkspur & Hawk Unveils Innovative Bridal Collection for Brides-to-Be

by Madonna

In the world of bridal jewelry, it’s a rare occurrence to witness an innovation that captivates the essence of the special day. However, Larkspur & Hawk’s “L&H Bride” collection has stepped into the spotlight as an extraordinary blend of classic elegance and sentimental innovation.

Designed by Emily Satloff, Larkspur & Hawk has garnered recognition for its modern jewelry styles, all meticulously crafted with the doublet technique, reminiscent of 18th-century antiques. This technique involves placing a semi-translucent gemstone, such as quartz, over colored foil, which is then set in a metal backing. In a remarkable leap forward, the L&H Bride collection introduces a groundbreaking shift by replacing traditional foil with fabric.


This bridal collection features six different fabrics, thoughtfully chosen to harmonize with the profound moments of a wedding day. Some fabrics echo the romantic ambiance of the occasion, while others evoke the spirit of dancing and celebration.


The concept of L&H Bride was born out of the brand’s widespread popularity among brides and wedding parties. Emily Satloff meticulously researched and selected these six fabrics, each with its own unique sentiment to harmonize with the selected silhouettes.


As Satloff explains, “They range in texture and color from white to blue and each beholds a story and mood.” Among these fabrics is an antique French ribbon, tulle, and silk satin, with shades ranging from bridal white to blue, paying homage to the cherished “something blue” tradition. Notably, a blue lame fabric is the ideal choice for an after-party jewelry suite.

The L&H Bride collection encompasses a total of 41 pieces, skillfully crafted into 12 of Larkspur & Hawk’s most sought-after silhouettes, including riviere necklaces, button earrings, and girandole earrings. Each piece showcases faceted white quartz stones, set against sterling silver backings plated in either yellow gold or white rhodium.

A star in the collection is the diamond choker, featuring a dazzling 4.5 carats of diamonds set in 14-karat white gold, designed to perfectly complement all the fabric offerings.

As a jewelry and history enthusiast, Emily Satloff poured two years of dedicated effort into this bridal collection. Her inspiration for this endeavor came from a family heirloom—a wedding veil that has been passed down through five generations. Satloff’s own connection to the veil, worn first by her grandmother in 1910, carries profound sentimental value.

Satloff beautifully expressed, “When I walked down the aisle 32 years ago, I knew it to be a talisman and right-of-passage, but I could not have understood then, that somehow, this veil metaphorically represented a bond that tied me to my husband and grows daily as we raise our two sons and grow older.”

With the L&H Bride collection, Satloff envisions brides carrying a piece of their treasured heirlooms, encapsulated in Larkspur & Hawk jewelry. To further celebrate this connection, she offers customization options, allowing clients to commission custom jewels that incorporate fabrics of personal significance, such as a family member’s wedding gown or elements commemorating their own special day, like fabric from a gown, veil, or bouquet ribbon.

The L&H Bride collection is now available, with prices ranging from $500 to $5,800, and the exceptional diamond choker priced at $24,000. It’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to creating timeless and sentimental jewelry that beautifully captures the essence of life’s most cherished moments.


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