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Cartier’s High Jewelry Cocktail Rings: A Night of Radiance in New York City

by Madonna

Cartier, the renowned Maison celebrated for its mastery in the world of haute joaillerie, presents its latest collection of High Jewelry creations, titled “Le Voyage Recommencé, Chapter II.” To mark this occasion, Only Natural Diamonds had the privilege of introducing two charismatic High Jewelry cocktail rings to the vibrant streets of New York City. In a city known for its effervescence, these rings were ready to paint the town red, or perhaps we should say bedazzle it in diamonds.

Before we meet our two distinguished guests, it’s essential to understand the context of this captivating collection’s journey. The first chapter was unveiled earlier this year in the enchanting garden of the Palazzo Corsini, nestled in the heart of Florence. This splendid palace, adorned with masterpieces by Italian luminaries such as Fra Angelico and Caravaggio, served as the perfect backdrop for revealing the 90-piece high jewelry collection. It wasn’t just an ordinary unveiling; it was a grand Italian garden soirée. A constellation of A-list luminaries and Cartier’s esteemed house ambassadors graced the event. Stars like Labrinth, Vanessa Kirby, Elle Fanning, Riley Keough, Adrien Brody, and Pom Klementieff brought their radiance to this extraordinary evening. Our night out with two guests from Chapter II had much to live up to.


Our first guest is the “Le Voyage Recommencé High Jewelry Ring,” crafted from 18K white gold with black lacquer and adorned with natural diamonds. This ring features cascading levels embellished with colorless natural diamonds, with black lacquer edges accentuating them. The final two levels converge in the middle, each showcasing a sizable and distinctive trapezoid-shaped diamond. The space between these levels creates an illusion that subtly transforms the ring’s appearance depending on the viewing angle, unveiling a diamond-covered surface within.


Our second guest is the “Le Voyage Recommencé High Jewelry Ring,” set in 18K white and yellow gold and adorned with natural yellow and colorless diamonds. The 18K gold band boasts an alternating yellow, white, and yellow pattern, which continues with the alternating natural diamond colors. The centerpiece of this masterpiece is the two super elongated emerald-cut diamonds set at an angle away from each other: one colorless and one naturally yellow. The colorless diamond is flanked at the top and bottom by six square emerald-cut natural yellow diamonds, while the large yellow diamond is flanked by six colorless diamonds, thus completing its alternating color design.


All the designs within ‘Le Voyage Recommence’ bear witness to Cartier’s legacy, offering a masterful blend of the brand’s iconic heritage with innovative reinterpretations and architectural inspirations. These pieces transcend the realm of mere adornments, representing artistic expressions resonating with the heart and soul of Cartier’s unique identity.

Our two charismatic guests were not shy about their cocktail preferences. The white and black cascading sophisticate had an affinity for the classic gin martini garnished with not one but three olives, a choice they insisted upon. On the other hand, our white and yellow companion favored the zesty experience of a lemon drop. These high jewelry cocktail rings exude the same charm and excitement found in a well-crafted libation. Like a master mixologist who adeptly balances ingredients to craft the perfect cocktail, Cartier skillfully blends the finest natural diamonds and precious materials to create these captivating works of wearable art.

As the night unfolded in the White Oak Tavern, adjacent to Washington Square Park, our two charismatic guests from Chapter II of ‘Le Voyage Recommencé’ by Cartier truly shone amidst the city lights. Our endeavor to match the grandeur of the Florence event was ambitious, but as the evening played out, it became evident that these rings carry their celestial glow wherever they go. Cocktails were enjoyed, some were even spilled, and new friendships were forged. It was an unforgettable evening where the worlds of high jewelry and haute cocktails converged, and the guests of honor sparkled as brilliantly as the city that never sleeps. It turns out these rings are the true stars of any show, captivating eyes and illuminating nights, no matter where they make their entrance. Cheers to these dazzling companions, and may they continue to grace the world with their radiance wherever they go next.


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