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Salon Art + Design: A Showcase of Jewelry and Accessibly Priced Objects at Annual Fair

by Madonna

Salon Art + Design is a platform known for its ability to captivate visitors with spaces brimming with exquisite collectible objects, spanning centuries, that ignite inspiration and fascination.

The 12th edition of Salon, hosted by Sanford L. Smith + Associates, promises a delightful twist for fairgoers this year. In addition to its traditional offerings, this edition will feature captivating design exhibition booths, presenting capsule collections from individual designers and gallery curations seamlessly integrated into the fair’s fabric.


A notable highlight of this year’s Salon is the increased presence of jewelry, constituting approximately 10% of the fair’s displays. Jill Bokor, the executive director of Salon, announced that this addition will be a game-changer. The event is scheduled to take place from November 9th to November 13th at the illustrious Park Avenue Armory in New York.


While acknowledging the expansion of jewelry, Bokor assures that Salon enthusiasts will witness a familiar event with fresh nuances, rather than a complete overhaul.


The jewelry booths will be an eclectic mix, from one-of-a-kind 20th-century pieces offered by DK Farnum Estate Jewelry, based in New York and Connecticut, to contemporary gems presented with a touch of artistic flair by Rosior in Portugal. Rosior’s collection includes a bracelet adorned with rings studded in diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, tsavorites, and yellow gold, priced at €54,300 (US$57,656).

The London-based Didier Ltd. makes a welcome return, offering a range of pieces designed by artists spanning the late 19th to the 20th century. Meanwhile, Elevated Matter from Hudson, N.Y., owned by jeweler Chris Davies, is set to introduce contemporary jewelry pieces against a backdrop of Chinese paintings, adding an intriguing dimension to the fair.

Among the standout pieces, Elevated Matter will present an 18-karat yellow-gold ring featuring a 5.05-carat Muzo emerald and enamel, priced at US$330,000. Notable additions will include Tai Xiangzhou’s “Celestial Tales—Song of Primordial State, 2023,” an ink-on-silk painting, available for US$300,000.

In addition to the jewelry, special design booths will offer a contemporary and eclectic twist to the fair. These will include ceramics and objects produced in editions rather than as one-of-a-kind originals, making them more accessible to a wider range of buyers. According to Bokor, the line between gallery and showroom has become increasingly blurred in recent times.

An apt example of this transformation is Abask, a London-based venture founded last year by Nicolas Pickaerts and Tom Chapman. Abask curates collectible home-design objects from over 100 designers, ranging from fine Viennese silverware to artisanal embroidery. A Carlo Moretti Pagur Marble Vase is available for US$530, while a large stoneware vase from Peter Speliopoulos Projects can be acquired for US$1,435.

Another standout is Brazilian designer Silvia Furmanovich, whose repertoire extends from fine jewelry to colorful, functional household objects. At Salon, Furmanovich will introduce the “East/West” collection, inspired by her journeys in Japan. These pieces skillfully merge Japanese craft traditions with Furmanovich’s wood marquetry technique, crafted by skilled artisans in the Amazon rainforest. Marquetry clutches and intricate earrings, created using the traditional Japanese “sprinkled picture” technique, are priced at US$7,260 and US$9,240, respectively.

The roster of exhibitors also features prominent names like Charles Zana Mobilier, a Paris-based architecture and design firm, unveiling a new line of furniture, and Trunks Co. from Jaipur, India. Trunks Co. will present hand-crafted wares, including a “game island trunk” that unfolds to reveal traditional board games such as chess, backgammon, and Jenga.

For the first time, the fair will introduce a book dealer in the form of Potterton Books from London, offering a stunning collection of design publications that are nothing short of collectible gems.

A special highlight this year will be the individual exhibitions of designers previously showcased at Salon by Maison Gerard, a New York gallery specializing in modern and contemporary European and American design. Among the notable pieces will be a unique Gio Ponti “Zodiac Table,” offered by Achille Salvagni Atelier, priced at US$500,000.

Los Angeles-based artist James De Wulf, known for his innovative use of non-corrosive metals to reinforce concrete externally, will exhibit his “Exoskeleton” series. This series, inspired by nature’s growth patterns, will include a “Mosaic Lily Exo” side table, available for US$13,200.

The fair’s gallery lineup tilts towards design, although several booths will focus on fine art. Salon welcomes new additions, including Switzerland’s Galerie Gmurzynska, showcasing works by Louise Nevelson and Pablo Picasso. London’s Halcyon Gallery, another newcomer, will feature pieces by British artist Dominic Harris, renowned for his use of technology to create interactive, electronic works.

Spazio Nobile, based in Belgium, will bring an enticing blend of art and design to Salon. Mia Karlova Galerie B.V. from the Netherlands, founded in 2020, will present functional sculpture rooted in sustainable practices.

With the promise of the unexpected and the thrill of discovery, Salon Art + Design is poised to offer visitors a captivating experience filled with distinctive, collectible treasures that embody the fusion of art and design.


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