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Eclectic Jewelry: A Manifestation of Individualism in Fashion

by Madonna

I fondly recollect my elementary school days, when shopping excursions with my stylish older sisters led us to the enchanting world of Charming Charlie in our local mall. Amidst the intoxicating aroma of faux leather and the dazzling, glittering floors, we encountered impeccably color-coded displays of accessories. Iconic to the fashion landscape of 2014 were the myriad maximalist statement necklaces.

Looking back at trends from years past, we now cringe at the vividly hued bubble necklaces that graced the necks of our beloved lifestyle YouTubers and Pinterest influencers in the early 2010s. Yet, after years of delicately dainty chains and pendants, statement necklaces are mounting a spirited comeback.


Fortunately, they are not returning in the same business-casual style they once were a decade ago. Instead, they reappear in an eccentric manner that might remind one of an elementary school art teacher – and that’s a compliment. These necklaces feature clunky charms, layered intricacies, and a harmonious mingling of metals. In defiance of the clean and quiet luxury aesthetics, the world of eclectic maximalist jewelry is firmly establishing its presence in the realm of fashion.


In the limelight for the past several weeks is Brooklyn Charm, a renowned jewelry establishment with outlets in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York, Copenhagen, Denmark, and Ventura, California. Known for its consumer engagement, the store allows patrons to create their own customized jewelry pieces. Shoppers can choose from a myriad of charms and a variety of chains to assemble one-of-a-kind jewelry items, which the adept staff put together for them. Among the diverse charms available, hearts, cowboy boots, lucky numbers, and fruits have become the tokens of choice. Visitors have even taken to TikTok to share that there have been multi-hour wait times to acquire these unique necklaces, all priced under $100.


But there’s no need to traverse the country to partake in this eclectic trend. Charm necklaces and custom jewelry can be effortlessly crafted from supplies found at local craft stores. Influencers are enthusiastically sharing their collections of charms acquired from markets, vintage shops, and craft stores, allowing them to craft their own distinctive pieces.

Traditionally, fashion decreed that metals should never be mixed; the gold and silver rule was held sacred. It even became a social media trend to categorize oneself as a “gold girl” or a “silver girl.” But as fashion has evolved into a more expressive form, do these rules still hold sway? In my opinion, the answer is a resounding no.

Two-toned jewelry collections have experienced a surge in popularity this year. Net-a-Porter, a London-based luxury fashion retailer, has recognized this as the “2023’s jewelry trend to try.” Rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings of various metal types and tones are harmoniously styled together, signaling a shift away from the traditional fashion norms.

These trending jewelry styles fall under the expansive umbrella of maximalism, which champions the ethos that “more is more” in contrast to minimalism’s “less is more.” Beyond jewelry, maximalist stylists are embracing bold, expressive fashion choices, from unconventional eyewear to outfit drapery adorned with an array of eclectic accessories such as scarves, ribbons, and keychains.

The reason for the resurgence of this style in an era dominated by neutral Skims bodysuits is refreshingly straightforward. It is both expressive and deeply personal. Charm necklaces are cherished for their uniqueness, customizability, and the profound meaning they hold. Whether it’s the act of creating it personally, the significance behind the chosen charms, or their vintage nature, charm necklaces are distinct from anything else in one’s collection. Each necklace becomes a testament to its creator’s individuality.

Layering assorted beads and mingling metals culminates in a unique jewelry collection that is, in my personal view, exquisitely chic. This aesthetic embodies the very essence of what fashion is meant to achieve: self-expression.

It evokes nostalgia for a grandmother’s jewelry collection, and in the most endearing sense. A collection that reflects a life fully lived, brimming with love, youthful exuberance, treasured possessions, and captivating stories. It conjures images of Jane Birkin, the muse behind the Hermès Birkin handbag, stuffing her iconic bag with an array of seemingly trivial yet profoundly meaningful items.

Maximalism epitomizes personalization in an age where the fashion industry is often fueled by mass production and affordability, making individuality a rare gem in today’s world of style.


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