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Haredi Jewelers Craft Memory Chains to Honor Fallen Soldiers

by Madonna

In a nation where mandatory military service is a deeply cherished value, Israel’s ultra-Orthodox (haredi) community, which largely refrains from military service, has often faced resentment. However, amid the ongoing conflict, a growing number of haredi Israelis are finding unique ways to contribute to the country’s defense and support its soldiers.

While the debate over military service within the haredi community continues, thousands of haredi individuals have begun to take proactive steps to support their fellow countrymen. Some have chosen to enlist, while many others are volunteering as emergency first-responders in the war zones.


Beyond these efforts, haredi men and women across Israel are extending their support to soldiers and their families in various ways. This includes preparing and delivering food, essential equipment, heartfelt letters of appreciation, as well as organizing prayer groups and more.


A group known as the “Iron Sisters” has emerged as a remarkable example of haredi community solidarity. Comprising approximately 150 ultra-Orthodox women, they have rallied the efforts of 1,000 volunteers nationwide. Their mission: to provide food, shelter, and childcare services to families of soldiers and those who have been displaced by the conflict. Operating out of the modest setting of a wig store, the Iron Sisters’ dedication is nothing short of inspiring.


In another heartwarming initiative, two haredi women, who own multiple Tachshik jewelry stores located in ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods throughout Israel, have launched the “Memory Chain Project.” The project is designed to create personalized necklaces for bereaved parents or siblings of fallen soldiers.

Each necklace, thoughtfully crafted in the shape of a heart, circle, Star of David, or the map of Israel, is engraved with a likeness of the fallen soldier. These images are created from pictures submitted online by loved ones. The charms also bear a touching message, with options such as “Gibor shel Ema” (mother’s hero), “Gibor shel Abba” (father’s hero), “Tamid B’libi” (always in my heart), “Achi Hagibor” (my brother the hero), and “Haperach B’gani” (the flower in my garden).

Tachshik, the jewelry company behind this heartfelt project, has already created and delivered over 100 of these special necklaces. Remarkably, they ask only for a voluntary donation from those who order them. This initiative serves as a poignant testament to the unity and support emerging within the haredi community for the soldiers and families who have sacrificed for the nation.

As the conflict continues, the haredi community’s efforts to honor the fallen and support the military remain a testament to the resilience and unity of the Israeli people in the face of adversity.


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