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Greta Gerwig’s Pink and Red Jewelry Stuns at The Albie Awards

by Madonna

Director Greta Gerwig made a glamorous appearance at The Clooney Foundation For Justice’s The Albies, where she wowed in a sequined cape gown and a dazzling selection of pink jewels by luxury Parisian jewelry brand REZA.

Gerwig’s choice for the evening featured an array of pink and red pieces from REZA. Here’s the complete list:


1. REZA’s Crescent Hoop Earrings: These rose gold earrings adorned with pink sapphires (12.21 TCW) and diamonds (7.96 TCW) exude elegance and are listed online at $65,750.


2. REZA’s Facette Ring: Crafted in yellow gold, this ring showcases a pink sapphire and a heart-shaped diamond, combining sophistication with romance.


3. REZA’s Lyhan Ring: In yellow gold, this ring features a diamond and a ruby, creating a captivating and unique piece.

4. REZA’s Cone Ring: A rose gold wonder adorned with a pink sapphire (8 TCW) and Paraiba tourmaline (0.84 TCW) that radiates luxury and style.

This look represents the next stage in the evolution of Barbiecore fashion. While retaining the pink and heart motifs, it trades exaggerated kitsch for an exquisite and chic sense of luxury.

Greta Gerwig’s choice of jewelry perfectly complements her association with the color pink, especially as the director of the popular Barbie movie. Embracing the hue and opting for high-end, envy-inducing pink jewels is a stylish move that suits her impeccably.


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