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The Top 10 Gems of “Land of the Lustrous” Ranked by Their Unique Qualities

by Madonna

In the mesmerizing world of “Land of the Lustrous,” gem beings navigate a realm teeming with mystery and danger while forging deep connections with one another. From the fragile yet determined Phosphophyllite to the enigmatic Cinnabar, each gem possesses distinctive qualities that captivate and inspire. Join us as we explore the lives of these exceptional gems, ranked according to their remarkable attributes.

10. Antarcticite – The Guardian of Stability

With a Mohs hardness of 3, Antarcticite plays a vital role in maintaining the gem’s habitat. Active only during winter months, they prevent the ocean from freezing, ensuring stability for their fellow gems. Their crystalline appearance and composed demeanor complement their seasonal duties. Antarcticite’s resilience and unwavering commitment are a beacon of inspiration.


9. Amethyst – The Power of Unity

Amethyst 33 and Amethyst 84, twins with a Mohs hardness of 7, share an unbreakable bond and fight in perfect harmony, forming a formidable force on the battlefield. Their stunning purple hue and graceful movements captivate both allies and foes. Through their unwavering dedication to their gem family, Amethyst exemplifies the strength found in togetherness.


8. Obsidian – The Master Weaponsmith

Obsidian, with a Mohs hardness of 5-6, serves as the master weaponsmith in the series. Crafting and maintaining the gems’ battle weapons, Obsidian’s expertise is indispensable to their community’s survival. With their jet-black, glass-like appearance, they embody quiet strength and dedication, emphasizing the value of diligence in the face of adversity.


7. Yellow Diamonds – The Pillars of Wisdom

As some of the oldest and most experienced beings with a Mohs hardness of 10, Yellow Diamonds provide guidance to the younger gems. Their striking yellow hue and formidable combat abilities play a crucial role in defending against Lunarian attacks. Despite the loss of numerous partners over millennia, their story highlights the resilience of the spirit and the importance of mentorship.

6. Alexandrite – The Seeker of Truth

With a Mohs hardness of 8.5, Alexandrite is a passionate researcher in the Land of the Lustrous universe. Their ability to change color depending on the light source mirrors their multifaceted personality. As they uncover the secrets of their world, Alexandrite’s story highlights the power of curiosity and the importance of knowledge in overcoming adversity.

5. Rutile – The Compassionate Healer

Rutile, with a Mohs hardness of 6, is a dedicated and skilled doctor tasked with repairing and maintaining their fellow gems. Their deep red hue and focused demeanor embody selflessness and compassion in the face of hardship. Through unwavering dedication, Rutile mends both physical and emotional wounds, exemplifying the essence of a true healer.

4. Bort – The Epitome of Strength

With a Mohs hardness of 10, Bort is the strongest and most skilled female gem being. Their fierce nature and protective disposition often lead them to push their partner, Diamond, to the sidelines for safety. Bort’s impressive combat abilities, determination, and unwavering commitment showcase the importance of trust, cooperation, and recognizing the value of others in facing challenges together.

3. Diamond – The Compassionate Warrior

Diamond, with a Mohs hardness of 10, is a compassionate and powerful fighter. Their kind and empathetic nature sometimes causes hesitation in battle. Their story revolves around balancing innate power with a gentle spirit and embracing their abilities while protecting those they care for, emphasizing the importance of self-acceptance, growth, and true friendship.

2. Cinnabar – The Toxic Loneliness

Cinnabar, with a Mohs hardness of 2, is a solitary and melancholic gem. Their unique ability to manipulate mercury is both a blessing and a curse, isolating them due to its toxicity. Cinnabar’s journey revolves around seeking acceptance, facing rejection and loneliness, highlighting the importance of empathy, understanding, self-acceptance, and purpose.

1. Phosphophyllite – The Protagonist’s Journey

The central character of the series, Phosphophyllite (Phos), with a Mohs hardness of 3.5, initially struggles to find a purpose and be of use. Phos undergoes significant character development through a journey of self-discovery and growth. Their story explores themes of identity, self-worth, and personal responsibility, exemplifying the value of inner strength, resilience, and mutual support.


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