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Where to Buy Tanzanite in Tanzania: the Gemstone’s Birthplace

by Madonna

Tanzania, nestled in East Africa, is the birthplace of tanzanite—a captivating gemstone cherished for its mesmerizing blue-violet hues. For those seeking an authentic tanzanite buying experience, visiting Tanzania provides a unique opportunity to explore local markets and purchase directly from the source. In this article, we delve into the various locations within Tanzania where you can buy tanzanite, including Arusha, Mererani, and gemstone mines, to help you make an informed and memorable purchase.


Arusha serves as the gateway to Tanzania’s gemstone business and is often the first stop for those seeking to purchase tanzanite. Here are some key places in Arusha where you can find tanzanite:


Tanzanite Experience:

Located in the heart of Arusha, the Tanzanite Experience is a renowned establishment that offers a vast collection of tanzanite jewelry and loose gemstones. They provide a comprehensive tanzanite education, ensuring buyers make informed decisions. The Tanzanite Experience is known for its commitment to ethical sourcing and authenticity.


Maasai Market:

A lively open-air market located in Arusha, the Maasai Market showcases a wide range of locally crafted products, including tanzanite jewelry. Engaging with local artisans at the Maasai Market allows you to experience the vibrant culture while purchasing tanzanite pieces directly from the creators.


Jewelry Stores:

Arusha boasts several reputable jewelry stores that specialize in tanzanite. These stores offer diverse selections of tanzanite jewelry, ranging from elegant designs to custom creations. Visit established stores like Gembuka or inquire at your hotel for recommendations.


Mererani, a small town located near Mount Kilimanjaro, is where the majority of tanzanite mining takes place. This is an ideal destination for those interested in witnessing the mining process and purchasing tanzanite directly from miners and dealers. Here are the primary locations to explore in Mererani:

Mererani Mines:

Visiting the actual tanzanite mines in Mererani offers an immersive experience into the world of tanzanite. While access to the active mining sites may be limited, you can witness the daily operations, interact with miners, and purchase rough or uncut tanzanite from authorized dealers. Ensure that any purchases made are accompanied by proper documentation and certification.


TanzaniteOne is one of the largest tanzanite mining companies in Mererani. They offer guided mine tours to educate visitors about the mining process and provide an opportunity to purchase tanzanite directly from their showroom. Engaging with TanzaniteOne ensures ethical sourcing and high-quality gemstones.


Apart from Arusha and Mererani, there are other regions in Tanzania where gemstone mines and local markets can be explored for purchasing tanzanite. These include:

Manyara Region:

Located near the mining area, the Manyara region is known for its gemstone-rich soil. The city of Babati, within the Manyara region, has a bustling gemstone market where you can discover tanzanite and other precious stones.


Situated in southern Tanzania, Tunduru is famous for its gemstone deposits, including tanzanite. The region hosts gemstone markets where buyers can find tanzanite and engage with local dealers.


When purchasing tanzanite in Tanzania, it is important to exercise caution and consider the following:


Tanzanite is a valuable gemstone, making it susceptible to counterfeit or synthetic imitations. Ensure you purchase from reputable sources that provide proper certification and authentication for your tanzanite.

Quality Assessment:

Familiarize yourself with the 4Cs of tanzanite—color, clarity, cut, and carat weight—to evaluate the quality of the gemstone. Educate yourself on what to look for in the color range, transparency, and overall appearance to make an informed purchase.

Ethical Sourcing:

Given the allure of tanzanite, it is essential to support ethical practices in the gemstone industry. Look for establishments that prioritize responsible sourcing, fair trade practices, and support the well-being of miners and local communities.


When making a purchase, ensure you receive proper documentation, including invoices, certificates of authenticity, and any other relevant paperwork. This documentation will be crucial for verifying the authenticity and value of your tanzanite. It also provides a record of your purchase for insurance purposes or potential future resale.

Price Comparison:

Tanzanite prices can vary depending on factors such as size, color, quality, and market demand. Take your time to compare prices from different sellers and locations to ensure you are getting a fair deal. Be cautious of overly low prices that may indicate lower quality or questionable origins.


In some cases, negotiation may be possible, especially when purchasing directly from miners or local dealers. However, it is important to approach negotiations respectfully and be aware of market prices and fair value.


Buying tanzanite in Tanzania offers a unique opportunity to connect with the birthplace of this captivating gemstone. Whether exploring Arusha’s vibrant markets, visiting the mines in Mererani, or venturing into other gem-rich regions, Tanzania provides a range of options for purchasing tanzanite directly from the source.

As you embark on your tanzanite buying journey, prioritize authenticity, quality assessment, ethical sourcing, and proper documentation. Engage with reputable establishments, seek guidance from experts, and take the time to educate yourself about tanzanite’s characteristics and market value.

Embrace the adventure of buying tanzanite in Tanzania and revel in the joy of owning a piece of this extraordinary gemstone’s heritage.


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