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Prince Edward Created His Wife’s $35,000 Wedding Jewelry

by Madonna

The royal wedding of Prince Edward, Duke of Edinburgh, and Sophie Wessex, Duchess of Edinburgh, took place on June 19, 1999, at St. George’s Chapel. The event was marked by its understated elegance, a departure from the traditional grandeur often associated with royal ceremonies. Despite the minimalistic approach, one aspect that drew significant attention was the bride’s wedding jewelry.

Sophie Wessex adorned herself with a striking black-and-white pearl necklace featuring a cross-shaped pendant, paired with matching drop earrings. These pieces became the highlight of her ensemble. According to Zack Stone, managing director of the fine jewelry company Steven Stone, Prince Edward himself designed the jewelry as a wedding gift for Sophie. The necklace cost an estimated $30,000 to $35,000, while the earrings were valued at around $5,000.


The prince commissioned the renowned jewelers Asprey and Garrard & Co., who also crafted Sophie’s engagement ring, to create the matching set. This added a layer of sentimental value to the pieces. Stone noted the historical significance of pearls in royal jewelry, pointing out that members of the royal family, including Kate Middleton, Princess Anne, and Queen Camilla, frequently wear pearls. The late Queen Elizabeth II also had a penchant for pearl accessories, a trait shared by her daughter, Princess Anne.


The choice of pearls was particularly meaningful, complementing Sophie’s wedding dress. On her wedding day, Sophie walked down the aisle in a long-sleeved dress made of silk crepe and silk organza, adorned with 325,000 crystals and pearls. The dress was designed by Samantha Shaw. Sophie’s bridal look was completed with a cathedral-length veil of silk tulle and crystals, and the Anthemion tiara from Queen Elizabeth’s collection.


Following the ceremony, Sophie changed into a reception gown that mirrored her wedding dress. This second look, also designed by Shaw, was a long-sleeved, V-neck dress with a sparkling waist. Shaw revealed that Sophie wore this evening dress beneath her wedding gown, keeping it hidden for the private dinner. Shaw explained, “There was an evening dress under the coat dress, which was to remain super private for the evening dinner, and I had to get the fabric perfectly dyed to color-match the beautiful stone of St. George’s Chapel. Getting up there without being noticed was fun and also a huge challenge.”

In summary, the wedding of Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex was a blend of simplicity and sentimental value, with the bride’s jewelry playing a central role in the day’s elegance.


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