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Sara Yood is Set to Take Over as CEO of JVC

by Madonna

Tiffany Stevens has stepped down from her role as CEO of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC) after seven years. Sara Yood will take over as her successor.

Stevens, who joined the JVC in 2017, is leaving for another position, which has not been revealed yet, according to the organization’s announcement on Tuesday.


Yood, currently serving as deputy general counsel, has been with the JVC since 2012. She has a deep understanding of fashion and intellectual property law, legal compliance, anti-money laundering regulations, and responsible sourcing. While taking on her new role, she will continue with her current responsibilities.


As the new head of JVC, Yood also holds the position of secretary on the board of directors of the US Kimberley Process Authority and is involved in the Antiquities Coalition Financial Crimes Task Force. She will officially assume her new position on June 24.


Rebecca Foerster, chairman of JVC, expressed confidence in Yood’s capabilities, citing her passion, energy, legal acumen, and industry understanding. Foerster believes that Yood’s leadership will propel JVC to greater heights. She emphasized the importance of having a leader who comprehensively grasps both the legal intricacies and the industry dynamics, especially during challenging times like these.


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