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Flawless Pink Diamond Fetches $13.3 Million at Auction

by Madonna

Christie’s New York Luxury Week recently concluded with astounding success, raking in a remarkable $70.3 million. The star of the auction was undoubtedly the Eden Rose diamond, fetching an impressive $13.3 million. This 10.2-carat fancy intense pink diamond, boasting internal flawlessness, surpassed its initial estimates and emerged as the standout diamond of the spring auction season worldwide.

The auction, featuring an array of luxury items spanning jewels, watches, wine, and handbags, exceeded expectations by achieving 137 percent of the combined lots’ lowest estimated values. Bidders from around the world participated, with 52 percent of winning bids placed through Christie’s online platform. Notably, 44 percent of buyers were newcomers to Christie’s, underscoring the increasing allure of luxury goods.


While the Eden Rose diamond stole the spotlight, several other jewels also commanded attention. Notably, six pieces fetched over $1 million each, including an 84-carat yellow diamond pendant sold for $2.2 million and a 2.3-carat blue diamond ring that fetched $2.1 million.


The auction also witnessed remarkable prices in other luxury categories. The Richard Mille Limited Edition RM56-02 AO Tourbillon Sapphire set a new benchmark, selling for an astounding $3.1 million, marking it as the most expensive watch ever sold by Christie’s and the third most valuable Richard Mille globally. Additionally, seven handbags sold for over $100,000 each during the Handbags Online sale, with a black crocodile Hermès Birkin bag leading the pack, selling for $214,200.


In the wine category, the Fine and Rare Wines Online sale saw the establishment of six new world records. Top lots included a dozen bottles each of Petrus 1982 and Petrus 1989, each fetching $43,750. Notably, Millennials accounted for 30 percent of all buyers in the auction, reflecting a growing interest among younger demographics in luxury goods like wine, as indicated by recent data from Bank of America.

With more auctions on the horizon, including jewels, handbags, and wine, from Christie’s throughout the year, enthusiasts eagerly anticipate what other records may tumble in 2024.


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