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Chanel Unveils Haute Joaillerie Sport Collection Celebrating Freedom of Movement

by Madonna

Chanel has launched the Haute Joaillerie Sport collection, crafted by Patrice Leguéreau, the head of its fine jewellery creation studio. This collection seamlessly combines elegance with athleticism, paying homage to the sporty essence at the heart of the French luxury brand.

Gabrielle Chanel, the brand’s founder, was famous for her focus on body awareness and freedom of movement. Her designs, marked by a sporty allure, revolutionized fashion by merging comfort with sophistication. This sporty spirit was evident as early as 1921, when she opened a “Sport” atelier in her haute couture house. Inspired by this legacy, the Haute Joaillerie Sport collection celebrates elegant athleticism with carefully crafted pieces.


The collection features a refined and streamlined look that mirrors the body’s anatomy, similar to sportswear. The chevron motif, representing rhythm and speed, is prominently displayed, along with tapered shapes and smooth contours. Several iconic Chanel symbols have been given a sporty twist. For example, the number 5 is presented in a chronometer typeface, typically seen on race track stopwatches. Additionally, the star motif, symbolizing victory, is a key element throughout the collection.


For the first time in haute joaillerie, the Chanel logo appears as an openwork imprint. Dynamic lines of color add energy to the pieces, and the modular structure ensures they are lightweight and comfortable to wear.


The Haute Joaillerie Sport collection is both an aesthetic and technical marvel. The “Sport cord”—a tube chain specially developed by Chanel—uses a rare high jewellery technique, giving the pieces flexibility so they fit like a second skin.

Chanel has developed an innovative connection system with graphic flat surfaces and quick-release fittings inspired by sports equipment, transforming them into clasps. Functional yet fashionable elements include a number 5-shaped karabiner and a swivel clasp inspired by the iconic 2.55 bag. The Chanel quilted motif has been reimagined in openwork, resembling high-performance fabrics, and transformed into a flexible mesh with sporty motifs. The pieces use precious and high-tech materials like aluminum and carbon fiber, balancing luxury and innovation.

The collection showcases a stunning selection of gemstones. Five signature pieces, including a statement necklace, earrings, and rings, feature rare Kashmir sapphires. It took several years to gather this set, due to the stones’ extreme rarity. The collection also uses two-tone and three-tone contrasts to highlight colored stones, enhancing their ergonomic design.

Blending elegance and performance with refined aesthetics, advanced techniques, and gemstones, this collection embraces Chanel’s sporty side. It remains true to the belief that a woman’s true allure lies in her freedom of movement.


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