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URA Appoints Bonas Group as Sales Partner, Qualifies as DelGatto Client

by Madonna

URA Holdings has appointed Bonas Group as its sales partner to market and sell rough emeralds from the company’s Gravelotte emerald mine (GEM) in South Africa.

This strategic partnership aims to utilize Bonas Group’s extensive expertise in the diamond and gemstone industry to ensure security, transparency, and compliance in the sales process, according to URA.


Bonas Group, an independent diamond and gemstone tender house, will manage the entire sales process. This includes planning, sorting, valuation, and marketing of the emeralds through its established tender platform.


The inaugural sale is planned for the second half of this year. Viewings of URA’s emeralds will be held at Bonas Group’s facilities in Bangkok, Thailand.


Additionally, URA has qualified as a client of global finance company DelGatto Diamond Finance Fund (DDFF). This relationship offers financial flexibility for the sales process and potential future financing from DDFF to support URA’s strategic goals.

“We are excited to partner with Bonas Group and DDFF. This collaboration enhances our ability to bring our ethically mined emeralds to market, while ensuring transparency and maximizing value for our stakeholders. After a long period of hard groundwork, we are now entering an exciting period for URA and our shareholders,” said URA CEO Bernard Olivier.

“Bonas Group is delighted to provide a secure and transparent route to market for the emeralds from URA’s renowned GEM producing the famous Cobra Emeralds in South Africa. This partnership also strengthens our relationship with DDFF, creating a comprehensive solution for URA,” said Bonas Group CEO Charles Bonas.

“We are excited to expand our activities with a top-tier firm like Bonas. We are also pleased to welcome URA Holdings to our growing client base. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to providing new and innovative financial solutions to the diamond, gemstone, and jewellery industry,” said DDFF CEO and founder Chris Del Gatto.


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