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US Woman Purchases Jewelry For Rs 6 Crore, Only To Realize It’s Fake And Valued At Rs 300

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A tourist from the US who visited Jaipur has accused a local jeweler of tricking her into buying fake jewelry worth a staggering Rs 6 crore (approximately $870,000 USD). Identified only as Cherish, she claims to have purchased the pieces from a shop in Johri Bazaar, a historic area of the city, in 2022.

Cherish made the purchase about two years ago. The seller, a father-son duo running the shop, allegedly provided her with a fake certificate of authenticity to assure her of the jewelry’s value. However, upon displaying the pieces at an exhibition in the US, experts determined that they were mere imitations, valued at only Rs 300 (approximately USD $4).


Disheartened by this revelation, Cherish returned to Jaipur to confront the shopkeepers. She alleged that Gaurav Soni, the shop owner, dismissed her claims and refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing. Subsequently, Cherish filed a complaint with the Manak Chowk police station.


The case gained attention after Cherish sought assistance from the US Embassy in India. Following her complaint, the Jaipur Police launched an investigation, uncovering the alleged scam. It was revealed that the authenticity certificate provided by the shop was fake, and another individual was arrested in connection with its creation.


DCP Bajrang Singh Shekhawat of the Jaipur Police stated, “During the investigation, the police sent the jewelry for testing. The results revealed that the diamonds were actually moonstones. Additionally, the gold content, which should have been 14 carats, was found to be only two carats. The accused jewellers also falsely claimed that the woman had stolen jewelry from their shop. However, CCTV footage proved otherwise.”

“The accused jewelers are currently at large, but we have arrested one individual named Nandkishore, who issued fake hallmark certificates. A lookout notice has been issued for the main accused, Gaurav Soni. Following the complaint from the US tourist, we have received several other complaints alleging fraud amounting to crores by Gaurav Soni and Rajendra Soni. These complaints are currently under investigation,” he added.

In an interview with India Today TV, Cherish stated, “Gaurav Soni and his father, the owners of Rama Exports, have been systematically deceiving me with jewelry. Instead of 14-carat gold, they have been sending me nine-carat and gold-plated items. They have also been substituting natural diamonds with entirely moonstone. It’s not just me; approximately 10 other designers have been affected by their fraud. They even provided fake certificates. Nothing they sold me was authentic.”

While Gaurav Soni and his father remain fugitives, efforts are underway to apprehend them.


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