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Hancocks Displays Exquisite Art Deco for Jewel of the Month

by Madonna

Hancocks London is putting the spotlight on a stunning pair of 1920s dangle earrings for its Jewel of the Month feature in June. These earrings, signed by Marzo Paris, showcase a beautiful blend of jade, coral, and diamond, capturing the essence of art deco elegance.

According to Guy Burton, the managing director of Hancocks, these earrings were crafted during Marzo’s most desirable period, highlighting the bold and striking designs synonymous with the art deco era. He emphasizes that Marzo jewelry remains highly sought after for its timeless elegance and sophistication, making it a valuable addition to any collection.


Lorenzo Marzo, nephew of renowned Spanish court jeweler Francisco Marzo, established his own jewelry business in Paris in 1901, later expanding to Biarritz and Madrid. His repertoire ranged from delicate Belle Epoque brooches to striking emerald and diamond tiaras, showcasing his versatility and skill in the jewelry market.


However, it was Marzo’s art deco creations from the 1920s and 1930s that truly solidified his legacy. He expertly combined large, faceted colored stones with pavé diamonds and black enamel, or paired contrasting materials like black onyx cabochons with orange coral and white diamonds. The highlighted earrings demonstrate his innovative style and mastery of vibrant colors and diamond accents.


In recognition of his contributions to jewelry design, Lorenzo Marzo was awarded France’s Legion of Honor in 1927. Following his passing two years later, his son Rafael continued the family tradition of exceptional craftsmanship. Now, collectors have the opportunity to own a piece of this remarkable legacy.


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