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Couple Finds Surprise Pearl in Clam Dinner and Turns It Into Engagement Ring

by Madonna

A couple who discovered a pearl inside a clam during a date has transformed it into a precious engagement ring.

Ken Steinkamp and Sandy Sikorski were dining at a Rhode Island restaurant in December 2021 when Sikorski, 70, found a pearl in her clam. Although the restaurant, Broad Street Oyster Company, has since closed, the memory of that meal remains vivid.


“This is a Hallmark story if there ever was one,” Steinkamp, 75, told USA Today.


A year and a half later, the couple used the pearl for Sikorski’s engagement ring. The ring has become well-known in their small beach town, with many people recognizing it when they see her wearing it.


“I am surprised every single time somebody says, ‘I know about this ring,’” Sikorski said. “It’s hard to go unnoticed because it’s white and people expect a diamond.”

The couple, both previously divorced, met on a dating app in 2018.

On April 14, Sikorski and Steinkamp will marry in a small ceremony with 27 guests at Ocean House in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. The pearl story will be a key part of the celebration: the wedding cake will have pearls around the base, the wedding party will wear pearl jewelry, and Sikorski’s granddaughter will wear pearl-adorned shoes.

During their cake tasting in early March, the couple found another surprise pearl. Hannah Bontempo, the catering and sales manager at Ocean House, said the chef prepared a chocolate clam with a pearl inside as a special touch.

“I had shared the story of their ring,” Bontempo said. “Our pastry chef wanted to make their cake tasting a bit more special.”

Sikorski hopes her father, who is ill in the hospital, will be able to walk her down the aisle.

“He said, ‘I’m not going to miss it,’” Sikorski recalled.

Steinkamp added, “One of the challenges of planning this wedding is coordinating around her father’s health. Sandy has been the main caretaker for her parents for many years.”

After the ceremony, the couple will embark on a three-week honeymoon in Europe.


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