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Top 10 Most Expensive Emeralds in the World

by Madonna

Emeralds have captivated humanity for millennia with their lush, verdant hues and mesmerizing allure. Known as the “gem of royalty,” emeralds have adorned the crowns and jewelry of kings, queens, and celebrities alike. Their value is determined by a combination of factors including color, clarity, cut, and carat weight, making some emeralds exceptionally rare and costly. Let’s delve into the world of luxury and explore the top 10 most expensive emeralds ever discovered.

1. The Bahia Emerald

Price: Estimated at $400 million

The Bahia Emerald is arguably the most famous and contentious emerald in the world. Weighing an astounding 752 pounds (around 341 kilograms), this emerald contains approximately 180,000 carats of the green gem. Discovered in Bahia, Brazil, it has been embroiled in numerous legal disputes over ownership. Its sheer size and the drama surrounding it contribute significantly to its immense valuation.


2. The Rockefeller Emerald

Price: $5.5 million

The Rockefeller Emerald is a stunning 18.04-carat Colombian emerald. Originally owned by the famous Rockefeller family, it was re-cut by the legendary jeweler Harry Winston to enhance its brilliance and color. This emerald fetched $5.5 million at a Christie’s auction in 2017, setting a record price per carat for an emerald at the time.


3. The Stotesbury Emerald

Price: $1 million

Weighing 34 carats, the Stotesbury Emerald has a rich history of illustrious ownership, including the famous socialite Evalyn Walsh McLean and financier Eva Stotesbury. The emerald’s old mine cut and deep green color exemplify the best of Colombian emeralds. It was last sold for approximately $1 million.


4. The Mogul Mughal Emerald

Price: $2.2 million

Dating back to 1695, the Mogul Mughal Emerald is an extraordinary artifact weighing 217.80 carats. This emerald is notable for its intricate carvings, including Islamic prayers and floral motifs. Sold at Christie’s for $2.2 million in 2001, it remains one of the most historically significant emeralds.

5. The Fura Emerald

Price: Estimated at $400 million

Discovered in 2019 in Colombia, the Fura Emerald weighs an incredible 1.1 kilograms (approximately 5,655 carats). Named after the Fura-Tena myth from Colombian folklore, this emerald is celebrated for its size and unparalleled clarity. Its valuation is still under debate but is estimated to be around $400 million.

6. The Hooker Emerald

Price: $2.5 million

The Hooker Emerald, a 75.47-carat gemstone, is currently housed in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Originating from Colombia, this emerald was part of the Ottoman Empire’s crown jewels before being sold to Tiffany & Co. and later to Janet Annenberg Hooker, who donated it to the Smithsonian.

7. The Chalk Emerald

Price: $3 million

The Chalk Emerald weighs 37.82 carats and is renowned for its exceptional clarity and vibrant green color. Originally set in a necklace belonging to Maharani Saheba of Baroda, India, it was later re-set by Harry Winston into a ring and is now part of the Smithsonian Institution’s collection.

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8. The Isabella Emerald

Price: $5.5 million

Named after Queen Isabella of Portugal, the Isabella Emerald is a 964-carat Colombian emerald. It was discovered in the 1600s and has a storied history involving Spanish royalty. This emerald was recently valued at $5.5 million, reflecting its size and historical importance.

9. The Patricia Emerald

Price: $1.2 million

The Patricia Emerald is a unique 632-carat, 12-sided crystal discovered in 1920 in Colombia. This extraordinary gemstone is celebrated for its natural, uncut beauty and is part of the American Museum of Natural History’s collection. Its valuation stands at approximately $1.2 million.

10. The Gachala Emerald

Price: Estimated at $2 million

Weighing 858 carats, the Gachala Emerald was discovered in Colombia in 1967. It was named after the mining town of Gachala and is known for its remarkable size and deep green color. This emerald is currently housed in the Smithsonian Institution and is valued at around $2 million.


Emeralds continue to fascinate with their rich history, stunning beauty, and immense value. The top 10 most expensive emeralds in the world showcase the pinnacle of what nature and craftsmanship can achieve. Whether through their size, clarity, historical significance, or unique stories, these emeralds stand as timeless symbols of luxury and splendor.

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