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Gen Z Finds Comfort and Coping in “Comfort Necklaces” Trend

by Madonna

California; Hayward — A novel trend is emerging among Gen Z as they turn to “comfort necklaces” as a coping mechanism for managing anxiety and stress. This trend, gaining traction on platforms like TikTok, sees individuals subconsciously seeking comfort by reaching for and touching their necklaces during moments of unease.

Whether worn for fashion or sentimental reasons, these comfort necklaces have become a tangible source of reassurance for Gen Z. TikTok has seen a surge in videos featuring users clutching their necklaces during anxious moments, with the hashtag #comfortnecklace amassing 4.9 million views. The emotional significance of various types of jewelry is now a topic of discussion, expanding beyond necklaces.


Psychologist Amelia Thompson explains that the comfort necklace trend aligns with the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy. Serving as grounding objects, necklaces provide sensory and sentimental aspects that offer reassurance. Touching the necklace becomes a form of self-soothing, aiding individuals in staying connected to the present moment. Thompson notes that sensory stimulation can alleviate anxiety symptoms, while sentimentality can evoke positive memories and feelings.


This trend may also be a response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, serving as a coping mechanism for Gen Z during a time of increased isolation and uncertainty. The chosen necklaces act as tokens of comfort, fostering a sense of security.


Crucially, the comfort necklace trend represents a form of self-regulation embraced by Gen Z without the stigma often associated with mental health. Thompson suggests that, while professional services and medication have their place, these self-organized methods play a crucial role in promoting mental health in ways that feel authentic to the generation.

It is essential to note that these coping mechanisms should not substitute seeking professional help. Raul Haro, a marriage and family therapist, underscores the importance of professional assistance and building a strong support network to effectively manage emotions and improve overall well-being.


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