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Innovative Wax Carving Technique Transforms Jewelry Craft in Gorham, Maine

by Madonna

In the heart of Gorham, a skilled jeweler is redefining craftsmanship through a unique wax carving technique, producing exceptional one-of-a-kind pieces.

Ellie Begin embarked on her journey in jewelry making in 2010, discovering a natural talent that propelled her to explore the art form further. Within a year and a half, she ventured into independent entrepreneurship, recognizing the potential to turn her passion into a full-time profession.


After over a decade of honing her craft by hand-hammering wire, Begin faced an unexpected challenge. Prolonged exposure to the craft had taken a toll on her ears, prompting her to seek an alternative path. A turning point came when she enrolled in a class on wax carving, a technique with a history spanning 6,000 years.


Under the guidance of her teacher, Kate Wolf, Begin delved into the intricacies of wax carving. The process involves carving a model out of wax, which is then sent to a caster. The caster envelops the wax model with a mold, burning away the wax to create a cavity. Molten metal is then poured into this cavity, yielding an exact replica of the original wax model.


“I was blown away,” exclaimed Begin, highlighting the transformative potential of wax carving.

Inspired by nature, most of Begin’s creations feature designs influenced by the natural world. Notably, she employs 100% recycled metal in her pieces, aligning with her commitment to sustainable practices.

Beyond the use of recycled metal, Begin incorporates actual plant materials from nature, such as ferns and pea pods, adding a distinctive touch to her creations.

Expressing her aspirations, Begin envisions becoming one of the primary jewelry wholesalers in Maine. Grateful for the innovative wax carving method that has rekindled her passion, she reflects, “My jewelry dreams have been coming true, one piece at a time.” Begin’s commitment to sustainability and her mastery of wax carving positions her as a trailblazer in the evolving landscape of jewelry craftsmanship in Gorham, Maine.


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