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Tiger’s-Eye Jewelry: A Trending Gem with Shimmery Style and Healing Potential

by Madonna

Once revered as a rare and valuable gem in Western Europe, tiger’s-eye has undergone a transformation, becoming a hot item in the world of jewelry today. The gem, characterized by its deep brown to gold tones and captivating chatoyant effect, experienced a decline in value when large deposits were discovered in South Africa during the 1880s. Today, however, it has made a remarkable comeback, hailed for its affordability and distinctive visual appeal.

Pennsylvania State University notes that tiger’s-eye, a quartz mineral showcasing a cat’s eye effect, has gained popularity due to its unique appearance and rich colors. further highlights variations such as blue and green tiger’s-eye, expanding its allure to gemstone enthusiasts and jewelry designers alike.


Lisa Rosen, CEO of The International Gem Society in Boston, sheds light on the reasons behind the growing demand for tiger’s-eye jewelry. Not only does the gemstone possess an intriguing aesthetic, with light reflecting off silk-like inclusions, resembling the eye of a tiger, but it also carries historical significance. Romans purportedly incorporated tiger’s-eye into their armor for increased strength and protection against adversaries.


Beyond its visual appeal and history, tiger’s-eye enthusiasts are drawn to its symbolism and healing properties. The gem is believed to boost self-confidence, assurance, and bravery, mirroring the characteristics of a tiger. Moreover, its affordable price point compared to similar stones enhances its accessibility for consumers.


In the midst of global chaos, tiger’s-eye’s popularity continues to rise. According to Rosen, placing the gem over the eyes is believed to provide relief from eye fatigue, offering wearers clarity and focus amidst internal and external conflicts. The stone’s potential healing properties, including addressing psychosomatic illnesses and providing grounding against negative energy, contribute to its allure.

Michelle Owens, a healing crystal expert and manager at Healing Crystals Co. in Los Angeles, emphasizes the gem’s ability to bring balance to both body and mind, offering a potential solution to psychosomatic problems. Tiger’s-eye is praised for promoting grounding, protection, insight into complex situations, and stimulation of creativity.

The combination of tiger’s-eye’s unique appearance and healing properties is driving its demand. Its distinctive chatoyant effect creates mesmerizing and dynamic jewelry, making each piece unique. Affordability further fuels its popularity, allowing a broader consumer base to incorporate this trending gem into their collections without breaking the bank. As the world seeks solace amidst uncertainties, tiger’s-eye jewelry emerges not only as a stylish accessory but also as a symbolic and healing adornment.


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