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What Is December 20th Birthstone?

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When it comes to the realm of gemstones, each month is associated with a specific jewel, believed to bring unique properties and symbolism to individuals born during that time. For those born on December 20th, their designated birthstone holds particular importance, offering a connection to history, spirituality, and personal attributes. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the enchanting world of the December 20th birthstone, exploring its meaning, significance, and the exquisite jewelry crafted to celebrate this special day.

The December 20th Birthstone

At the heart of December 20th’s birthstone is a rich tapestry of history and lore. This unique gem holds a place of honor, embodying qualities that resonate with individuals born on this date. To unveil the mystique surrounding the December 20th birthstone, it is essential to first identify the gem associated with this auspicious day.


The birthstone for December 20th is none other than the captivating turquoise. Renowned for its captivating blue-green hues, turquoise has captivated civilizations for centuries. The gem derives its name from the French word “pierre turquoise,” meaning “Turkish stone,” as it was initially introduced to Europe through Turkey.


December 20th Birthstone Meaning

Behind the vibrant facade of turquoise lies a deeper layer of meaning and symbolism. The December 20th birthstone is believed to carry various virtues, offering its wearer a unique set of characteristics and benefits.


1. Spiritual Significance: Turquoise as a Protective Talisman

In many cultures, turquoise is regarded as a protective talisman, offering its wearer a shield against negative energies and harm. The stone has been historically associated with spiritual protection, with ancient civilizations attributing magical properties to this mesmerizing gem.

2. Balance and Harmony: Turquoise’s Symbolism in Balancing Energies

The serene blue-green hues of turquoise are often linked to notions of balance and harmony. It is believed that wearing turquoise can help align the energies of the body, mind, and spirit, promoting a sense of equilibrium and well-being.

3. Communication and Self-Expression: Turquoise’s Impact on Personal Growth

Individuals born on December 20th are said to benefit from turquoise’s influence on communication and self-expression. The stone is thought to encourage honest and open communication while enhancing one’s ability to express thoughts and emotions with clarity.

December 20th Birthstone Jewelry

As the December 20th birthstone, turquoise takes center stage in the creation of exquisite jewelry pieces. From traditional designs to contemporary masterpieces, artisans around the world harness the beauty of turquoise to craft stunning ornaments that celebrate the unique qualities associated with this birthstone.

1. Timeless Turquoise Rings: Symbolizing Everlasting Commitment

Turquoise rings, with their captivating color and meaningful symbolism, have become a popular choice for those born on December 20th. Whether set in sterling silver, gold, or platinum, these rings symbolize everlasting commitment and are often chosen as engagement or anniversary pieces.

2. Turquoise Necklaces: Adorning Elegance with a Pop of Color

Necklaces adorned with turquoise pendants are another favored choice among those celebrating a December 20th birthday. The vibrant gemstone adds a pop of color to any ensemble, making it a versatile and eye-catching accessory for both casual and formal occasions.

3. Turquoise Earrings: Embracing Sophistication and Style

Earrings featuring turquoise gems offer a touch of sophistication and style. Whether in the form of studs, hoops, or dangling designs, turquoise earrings are a timeless addition to any jewelry collection, elevating the wearer’s aesthetic appeal.

December 20th Birthstone Color

One of the most enchanting aspects of the December 20th birthstone is its distinctive color palette. The mesmerizing blend of blue and green hues found in turquoise adds to its allure, creating a gemstone that is both visually striking and emotionally resonant.

1. Turquoise’s Diverse Color Range: From Sky Blues to Forest Greens

Turquoise exhibits a diverse range of colors, ranging from the bright blues reminiscent of a clear sky to the deep greens reminiscent of a lush forest. This variability allows for a spectrum of jewelry designs, catering to individual preferences and style sensibilities.

2. The Symbolism of Blue: Calm, Tranquility, and Serenity

The dominant blue tones in turquoise symbolize qualities such as calmness, tranquility, and serenity. Wearing turquoise jewelry with prominent blue hues is believed to evoke a sense of inner peace and emotional balance.

3. The Green Connection: Nature, Growth, and Renewal

The green shades present in turquoise establish a connection to nature, symbolizing growth, renewal, and the cyclical nature of life. This aspect of the December 20th birthstone reinforces its significance as a symbol of positive energy and personal development.

Choosing the Perfect December 20th Birthstone Jewelry

Selecting the ideal piece of turquoise jewelry requires careful consideration of various factors. Whether purchasing for oneself or as a thoughtful gift, here are some tips to ensure the chosen jewelry aligns seamlessly with the wearer’s style and preferences.

1. Understanding Turquoise Varieties: Matrix vs. Clear Blue

Turquoise comes in different varieties, and understanding these distinctions can aid in choosing the perfect piece. Some individuals prefer the matrixed appearance, characterized by intricate patterns and veins, while others may lean towards clear blue turquoise with minimal matrix for a more refined look.

2. Metal Settings: Complementing Turquoise with the Perfect Setting

The choice of metal setting significantly impacts the overall aesthetic of turquoise jewelry. While sterling silver provides a classic and affordable option, gold and platinum settings offer a luxurious and enduring appeal. Consider the wearer’s metal preferences and skin tone when making this decision.

3. Jewelry Style: Matching Turquoise to Personal Taste

Turquoise can be incorporated into various jewelry styles, from bohemian and casual to elegant and formal. Understanding the recipient’s personal taste and style preferences ensures that the chosen piece resonates with their individual aesthetic.

Caring for Your December 20th Birthstone Jewelry

To ensure the longevity and vibrancy of turquoise jewelry, proper care and maintenance are essential. The porous nature of turquoise makes it susceptible to damage from chemicals, moisture, and heat. Here are some practical tips for preserving the beauty of your December 20th birthstone jewelry.

1. Avoiding Exposure to Harsh Chemicals: A Simple Preventative Measure

Chemicals found in household cleaning products, perfumes, and cosmetics can damage turquoise. It is advisable to remove turquoise jewelry before applying lotions or engaging in activities that involve exposure to harsh chemicals.

2. Storing Turquoise Jewelry: Preventing Scratches and Damage

When not in use, store turquoise jewelry in a soft pouch or lined jewelry box to prevent scratches and damage. Avoid mixing turquoise pieces with other jewelry items that may have sharp edges or abrasive surfaces.

3. Gentle Cleaning: Maintaining the Radiance of Turquoise

Cleaning turquoise jewelry should be approached with care. Use a soft, damp cloth to gently wipe the surface and remove any dirt or debris. Avoid using ultrasonic cleaners or steam cleaning methods, as they can damage the stone.

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Conclusion: Embracing the Essence of December 20th Birthstone Beauty

In conclusion, the December 20th birthstone, turquoise, is a gem of unparalleled beauty and significance. From its historical roots to its spiritual connotations and vibrant color palette, turquoise embodies a timeless elegance that resonates with individuals born on this special day. Whether adorning oneself with turquoise jewelry or selecting the perfect piece for a loved one, the December 20th birthstone serves as a symbol of personal growth, balance, and enduring beauty. As we continue to appreciate the allure of turquoise, we are reminded of the profound connection between gemstones and the rich tapestry of human experience.


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