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Exploring Distinctive Men’s Jewelry Collections That Infuse Masculine Flair into Gold, Gems, and Beyond

by Madonna

In the realm of holiday adornments, men traditionally find themselves in the shadows of jewelry design. However, this year marks a notable departure as accomplished jewelers, renowned for their decades-long dedication to crafting for women, extend their artistic prowess to cater to a male and gender-neutral audience.

Defined by a spectrum ranging from minimalist to maximalist, diamond-centric to gemstone-laden, the four spotlighted collections below herald a new epoch in male embellishment, championing an ethos that asserts in masculine style, the possibilities are boundless.


Joon by Shahla

Shahla Karimi, founder of her eponymous fine jewelry brand since 2014, unveiled her inaugural men’s collection, Joon, late last year. Named after a Farsi term of endearment, the line materialized from a multitude of custom requests Karimi received from male clientele over the years.


Comprising 15 distinct pieces, the collection draws inspiration from the architecture of New York City, featuring rings, signets, and bands with sliding wraps in platinum, gold, and mixed metals, with or without diamonds (both lab-grown and natural options available). Karimi notes that Joon retains the same design language as her women’s pieces but offers a distinctly masculine perspective.


AeZeus Baldwin

In 2022, Katey Brunini, a jeweler based in Solana Beach, California, renowned for her one-of-a-kind designs, collaborated with her longtime friend Jeffrey Baldwin. Fondly reminiscing about their beach days in San Diego’s North County in the 1980s, the duo ventured into the realms of fashion, art, and culture, birthing the AeZeus Baldwin collection.

Janela and Roda by Moritz Glik

Moritz Glik, the acclaimed New York-based designer celebrated for his Kaleidoscope Shaker designs, entered the gender-neutral sphere with bespoke men’s pieces in 2021. In 2022, he fully embraced the concept, introducing two comprehensive collections, Janela and Roda, almost entirely catering to a gender-neutral audience.

Walters Faith Men’s

Approaching the 10th anniversary of their fine jewelry brand, Walters Faith, co-founders Stephanie Walters Abramow and Mollie Faith Good decided it was opportune to introduce an official men’s line. Recognizing the enduring appeal of their jewels to men over the years, they seized the milestone to launch Walters Faith Men’s.

Embodying the synthesis of bold and fine elements that characterizes Walters Faith, the men’s line features chunky pieces that seamlessly complement both men and women. Mollie Faith Good emphasizes the accessible entry point for men, starting at $250 for sterling rings. As part of their holiday offerings, the brand is introducing black diamond necklaces and bracelets priced at $10,000, aiming to discern the optimal intersection of style and affordability.


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