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Alert Shop Owner Foils Smash-and-Grab Attempt at South Charlotte Jewelry Store

by Madonna

CHARLOTTE — A quick-thinking business owner, armed with a handgun, thwarted a well-coordinated smash-and-grab robbery at a local jewelry store in south Charlotte.

The incident unfolded during regular store hours at Ballantyne Jewelers on Johnston Road. The perpetrators displayed an intimate knowledge of the store layout, suggesting careful pre-planning, according to the store owner, who wished to remain anonymous.


The owner revealed that the culprits strategically backed their vehicle near the front entrance. Once inside, they headed directly for specific cases housing high-value watches, indicating a familiarity with the store acquired through prior surveillance.


Reacting to the sound of breaking glass, the owner immediately took action.


“Without a second thought, I needed to protect my business, my family,” he stated.

Surveillance footage captured the owner brandishing a loaded pistol, prompting the thieves to hastily retreat to their getaway vehicle.

“They are lucky they ran out. I was ready to shoot,” he affirmed.

Ballantyne Jewelers, described as a family-run establishment where members spend more time than at home, had only working family members present when three masked individuals arrived.

“Three guys came in wrapped from head to toe, their faces covered, their hands covered,” the owner recounted.

One assailant wielded a sledgehammer, while the others targeted the Rolex case, swiftly filling their bags with stolen merchandise.

Describing the incident as “hard work for us, easy money for them,” the owner took decisive action to intervene.

“Put the clip in, cocked it, and charged the three guys,” he detailed.

While unsure if the perpetrators were armed, the owner emphasized the need to halt the intrusion.

“Intruding on our family, intruding on our customers and our personal business,” he expressed.

The criminals managed to smash 13 jewelry cases and escape with over $100,000 worth of jewelry. Although the stolen items are insured, the owner lamented that replacing what was taken in just 30 seconds will be a time-consuming process.


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