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Jewelry Collaboration Unveils Timeless Collection Inspired by Personal Stories

by Madonna

In a recent jewelry event, attendees were pleasantly surprised to discover a familiar face as the new brand ambassador for Amara Shia Jewelry. The revelation came during the Q&A session when it became apparent that “Jenela in Japan,” a viral TikTok vlogger known for her soothing daily life vlogs in Japan, was the new face of the brand.

Shina Aquino, the CEO of Amara Shia Jewelry, shared the serendipitous connection with Jenela. Their association began when Jenela expressed interest in having custom-made jewelry. Aquino and her husband personally met Jenela in Japan, leading to the realization that she would be an ideal ambassador for Amara Shia.


Both Aquino and Jenela share a profound love for jewelry, viewing each piece as both an investment and a cherished accessory. Jenela expressed her admiration for the quality of Amara Shia’s workmanship, noting that the reasonable prices exceeded her expectations.


The resulting collaboration, known as the Amara Shia Jenela Collection, features a set of dainty, classic, and timeless pieces crafted from white 18k Hong Kong gold and diamonds. The collection includes heart-shaped earrings, a matching necklace, and a ring, inspired by the first piece of jewelry Jenela’s husband gave her.


Jenela shared a sentimental touch to the collection, revealing that her husband’s initial gift, though not made of real gold due to financial constraints, holds immense value and sentimental significance. The collection symbolizes their enduring love and journey.

Beyond personal narratives, the Amara Shia Jenela Collection also signifies a love for family. Jenela in Japan originally intended her vlogs as an online diary of her life as an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Japan. However, the relatable content resonated with viewers on platforms like Facebook and TikTok, turning her into a viral sensation.

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